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The diamonds that were mined between the 1300s to 1930s are termed antique diamonds. Also, antique shape diamonds also include fancy shapes which are not popular shapes like the baguette or carre shape. But depending on the jeweler’s cut and time span, there are still few varieties present in the market.

The few characteristics of antique cut diamonds are that they are very unique and vintage. This differs them from modern cut diamonds. Though they sparkle and bling less than modern cuts, they are more soulful and romantic in their appeal.

Antique cut diamonds are that they have larger facts and soft edges. In ancient time the antique cut diamonds made their appearances most of the time candlelight for the symbolism of romance. They also attract many customers because of their vintage style.

Moreover, like modern cut diamonds, even antique cut diamonds have their value dependent on carat weight, beauty, and many other aspects. Such diamond history plays a crucial role especially when they are of cultural significance or special historical aspect.

Types Of Antique Cut Diamonds

Rose Cut

This cut is called as rose cut because it have soft edges like rose. This cut was derived in the early 1500s and is also one of the original cuts. The cut consists of 24 triangular facets and peaks into a kite shape or the dome shape which allows the facets to meet at the center apex. This cut was very popular during the Georgian era (1714-187) and Victorian era (1837-1901).

Do you know why you should buy a rose cut? Because this cut tends to have a flat and larger surface area which makes it an excellent choice. Also, it maximizes the budget and illustrates old-world romance.

Old Mine Cut

The old mine cut originates from Brazil and dates back from the 1800s to the 1900s. This cut with 58 facets is also regarded as one of the earliest brilliant cuts. The first made its appearance in the Georgian and Victorian era.

Why should you choose an old mine cut? The old mine cut has a similar resemblance to the modern cushion cut possessing its unique characters. Due to its distinctive shape, it reduces the rough diamond loss and maximizes its carat. This cut is also popular for its deep pavilion, large culet, high crown, small table as well as its poetic and lively feel.

Old European Cut

In the early 1900s the cut was innovated with precision of 58 facets. The Old European cut is also the ancestor of round brilliant cuts. But this cut is not as precise as the modern round brilliant cut. This Old European cut is also recognized as one of the most advanced antique cut. This cut was prominent during the late Victorian era through the Edwardian era(1901 – 1910) and also the Art Deco Period (1920-1930).

Why should you prefer an Old European Cut? Because it has one of the most outstanding appeals in antique cuts. The Edwardian era, the Deco period and the Victorian era jewellery were embedded with Old European Cut. Also due to its inner fire, vintage collectors make sure to keep in thor classic collections.

Carre Cut

Carre cut was one of the most popular choices in the Art Deco period. With intelligence, to bring out the optimum use of the rough diamond this cut was invented. The cut is designed in a 90-degree square shape with large upper facets. But due to its large facts, the flaws within the diamonds are easily visible. Therefore while buying this cut you should prefer the diamonds with higher clarity grade.

Why should you prefer Carre Cut? Because of its prominent shape, the diamond is highlighted everywhere and whenever you wear it.

Baguette And Tapered Baguette

The classy baguette shape consists of 14 parallel running facets. These facts form a mirror-like effect within the diamond. The length and width ratio of an ideal baguette diamond is 1.50-2.40. Usually, in fashion jewellery or semi-fine jewellery, we see the tiny size baguettes and tapered baguettes. Whereas the solitaire baguettes or tapered baguettes are extraordinary and limited, therefore preferred for fine jewellery.

Why Prefer An Antique Cut Diamond?

Those who love timeless styles and vintage styles, antique cuts is the best choice for them. Antique cut diamonds should be preferred because they are one of a kind diamond,. Above all this, these diamonds give you a romantic and classic feel after wearing.

Moreover, antique cut diamonds are more sustainable than ordinary fancy shapes. Because these diamonds utilize the maximum of rough diamonds. Therefore, to go environment-friendly this is the best choice. And this will result in you wearing a diamond that gives you peace of mind for being environmentally friendly and socially conscious.

Budget Friendly

Antique-cut diamonds tend to be more budget-friendly as 20%-30% less expensive than round brilliant cut diamonds. Therefore, it is an advantage to buy an antique cut diamond as it helps saving money. Along with the budget, you get a unique setting for your jewellery.

Environmentally Conscious

Antique diamonds are eco-friendly diamonds since they consume the majority of the rough diamonds. Hence, the vintage cut of antique cut diamonds is more sustainable than the modern cuts. Indirectly, you are reducing the social as well as environmental impact of the diamond by wearing antique cut diamonds.

Rarity Factor

The antique cut diamonds occupy themselves in the niche market. Therefore you will not find them in every retail store. They are only available in high end jewellery or diamond stores. Hence along with their unique shape they are rare as well as extraordinary diamonds.

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