What makes Argyle pink diamonds from Australia so special?

Diamond takes years to form beneath the surface of the earth. Diamonds are formed of carbon. One such mine that produces the world’s 90% of pink diamonds is the Argyle mine of Australia. This argyle mine has been situated in the East Kimberly region of Western Australia. According to the data, out of all the diamond rough mined less than 0.1% is pink rough. i.e. 1 million carats of mining at argyle gives roughly around 1 carat of pink diamonds.

The biggest pink diamond in Melbourne, Australia

The Australian Argyle mine has given some of the precious pink diamonds in the world. Most of them either end up at museums or private auction houses. One of the biggest argyle rough pink diamonds was the Pink Jubilee. This rough Pink Jubilee diamond weighed 12.76 carats. However, after the cutting process, the carat weight was reduced to 8.01. The particular reason for massive weight loss was inclusions. Now, the diamond is in the Melbourne Museum.

Are Argyle pink diamonds worth investing in?

The Argyle pink diamond can easily be a good option for investment. As the mine has been closed, there is a limited supply of argyle pink diamonds in the market. But the demand for them is increasing day by day. The basic economic principle suggests that when demand exceeds supply, the price increases. They have always shown good growth in their value. In the past 15 years, the increase has never been less than 15%. Every year pink diamond shows around a 20% rise in their value.

Argyle pink diamond grading

The argyle-certified pink diamond has good value in the market. Argyle pink diamonds are graded based on the intensity of their colour. Pink diamonds have four categories. Purplish pink ranges between white, 9PP, 8PP, 7PP, 6PP, 5PP, 4PP, 3PP, 2PP, and 1PP. 1PP is the most saturated purplish pink colour, whereas white has the least colour. Another one is the pink category. Which also ranges from white to 1P. 1P is the high saturated pink colour diamond. Then there is a pink rose. Same as others stated. The colour range lies between white to PR1.   And the last one is pink champagne, graded as PC1, PC2, and PC3. PC3 is the saturated colour tone.

Why are the Argyle pink diamonds expensive?

The majority of pink diamonds are provided by the Argyle mine of Australia. More than 50% of the lot ends up at private auction houses, arranged by argyle mines. So, very few argyle pink diamond comes to the market for sale. This rarity makes them expensive. The pink diamond mined from argyle mines is of such a premium quality that they are considered rare and one of a kind. Unfortunately, the mine has been closed since November 2020.

Argyle pink diamonds from Australia are one of the most beautiful and rare. Very limited argyle pink diamonds are on the market. So, if you have an opportunity to grab one, don’t hesitate.

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