Asscher Cut Diamond – Things to know

Asscher cut diamond is a fancy shape diamond. Almost identical to emerald shape diamond. Except for the fact that it is a square shape. Asscher cut diamond has step facets and bevelled corners. There are 58 facets in an Asscher cut diamond like any other round brilliant.

Bird’s view on the history of Asscher cut diamond

Founder of the I.J Asscher company, Mr Joseph Asscher invented Asscher cut diamond back in 1902. However, it gained popularity around the 1920s during the Art Deco period. The royal look of the Asscher cut diamond complimented well the jewellery design of the Art Deco period. Mr Joseph even patented the Asscher cut diamond in 1903. Though after WW2, the patent right was removed. It’s been more than a century since its invention, but still, Asscher cut never went out of style.

Rare but beautiful

It is always been said that diamonds are rare. That being said we can say that Asscher cut diamond is rarer. Out of all the diamonds mined only 2% of them are Asscher cut diamonds. The bigger step facets and a little higher crown than usual allow the light to reflect in a better way. Asscher cut diamond has the highest level of brilliance amongst the fancy shape diamonds. The step-cut facets and bevelled corners create the illusion of a never-ending loop. This illusion makes the Asscher cut diamond more attractive.

Is the Asscher cut diamond the most expensive?

Asscher cut diamonds are cheaper when compared to a round brilliant of the same carat weight. The shape of the Asscher cut diamond allows a cutter to retain a good amount of original rough. However, it is a little high priced when compared to other fancy shapes. Still, the money is worth spending because it has this amazing brilliance and eye-catchy look. It can be a perfect choice for a person who likes a classic and royal look.

Length width ratio

As the Asscher cut diamond is basically a square shape diamond only. The perfect length to width ratio has to be one. But it is not easy to get the exact one. So, even if it is somewhere between 1.00 to 1.05, it will be good enough. To the naked eyes, it will appear as a square only because of a bevelled corner.

Depth and table

Depth in an Asscher cut diamond plays a very important role in the reflection of light. Which affects the brilliance of the diamond. Asscher cut diamond has a slightly higher crown and that is why the ideal depth should be somewhere between 60 to 68. If the table in an Asscher cut diamond is between 61 to 67, is excellent. It is responsible for the overall look and brilliance.

The Asscher diamond is a perfect fit for any jewellery. Be it an engagement ring, pendents, studs, necklaces or other jewellery. The royal look of the Asscher cut diamond is ideal for every style and look.

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