Asscher Cut vs Princess Cut Diamond – Comparison


Asscher cut and princess cut diamonds might look the same at first glance because of their shape resembles. However, there are many features, which make them different from each other. Let’s see this in detail.

Asscher cut diamond

Asscher cut diamond is a square fancy shape diamond with bevelled edges. Asscher cut diamond has 58 step cut facets. The facets of the Asscher cut diamond are just like an emerald cut diamond. This step-cut facet creates an illusion of a “hall of mirrors”. The Asscher cut was invented by joseph Issac of an Asscher company. Mr. Joseph Asscher invented the Asscher cut diamond in 1902 and acquired patent rights in 1903. However, the patent rights were removed afterward.

Princess cut diamond

Princess cut diamond is also a square fancy-shaped diamond with sharp corners. However, unlike the Asscher cut, it does not have step-cut facets. It came into the market around the 1960s. Though princess cut became famous a little late, somewhere around the 1980s, the popularity has never declined since. It has 56 or 57 facets, just like a classic round brilliant. Princess cut diamonds are the most sought-after cut in the fancy shape category. Princess cut might be a little vulnerable to chipping as it has sharp corners.

Inclusions and blemishes

Inclusions are little imperfections inside the diamond. The imperfections on the outer surface are known as blemishes. The clarity factor of a diamond very much depends on these two. Princess cut diamond has a great amount of brilliance and fire. Princess-cut diamond sparkles more than an Asscher-cut diamond. The sparkle in a princess-cut diamond allows it to hide some of the smaller inclusions. Whereas, the Asscher cuts step cut facets easily give away the inclusions and blemishes. That is why it is important to choose wisely and get eye-clean diamonds, depending upon which diamond you are choosing.

Which one is more pocket friendly

The square shape allows maximum carat gain during the cutting process. And that is one of the reasons why princess-cut diamonds and asscher-cut diamonds are more cost-effective than many other fancy shapes. However, if we compare just these two, then Asscher-cut diamonds are relatively more pocket-friendly than princess-cut diamonds. The main factor causing the price difference is the fantastic brilliance of the princess-cut diamond.

Brilliance and fire

As we have already established earlier, comparatively princess cut has more fire, brilliance and scintillation. But even Asscher cut diamond has good brilliance and fire. Though not as much as the princess cut. Asscher cut is a modified diamond cut. Even though it has step-cut facets, these facets are larger. The crown is a little higher and has a smaller table. Which allows Asscher cut diamond to sparkle more. Asscher cut diamond flashes more.

The Asscher cut diamond and princess cut diamond, both are a little different from each other. Both of them have their own different features. And that both are different yet beautiful.

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