Things To Know About Black Diamonds

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Black Diamonds are also known as carbonado. They somewhat resemble porous charcoal, so a Portuguese named it carbonado. They come under the fancy color diamond category. It is a micro-porous form of polycrystalline. The quite high number of inclusions makes it look black giving it different properties thus making it differently beautiful.

Why the Color Difference?

When the word diamond is considered the first impression that person creates in his mind is of generally colorless white diamonds. Though the black diamond has the same chemical composition as any other regular colorless diamond the reason for the black color is the presence of several inclusions. Graphite and some other inclusions are spread deep into the diamond. Hence, the light is absorbed and not reflected.

How Much Does It Cost?

Natural black diamonds are rarer compared to white diamonds. For the valuation of any diamond 4C’S plays an important role. One of a factor of 4C’s is color, and that’s why black diamonds are traded less expensively than the regular colorless diamonds. So, you get a comparatively bigger diamond by just spending the same.

Some Interesting Facts

Traditionally in India black diamond was considered cursed because of its resemblance to spiders or snake’s eye. whereas same in Italian culture is considered as a blessing, it brings good luck to a married couple and helps resolve any issues related to it. Shaping black diamond from rough to polish diamond is a quite difficult task because of the unfamiliar and not usual composition of carbon.

Do Black Diamond Sparkle?

When light enters a black diamond, it is absorbed by it, that is one of the prominent reasons that it does not shine. But that does not mean they are dull. If a diamond is properly fashioned and cut then it does shine. So, it is very important to work properly and in detail on the facets and surface of black diamonds.

Are Black Diamonds Natural?

In the market, natural black diamonds, as well as natural treated black diamonds both, are available. Treated diamonds are exposed to strong heat, high pressure, and radioactive treatments to make the black color more prominent. Whereas natural one gets their black color while they are forming beneath the earth. Treated black diamonds are less expensive though they have almost no other difference from natural black diamonds other than that they are treated in manmade laboratories.

Use of Black Diamonds in Jewellery

Most of the black diamonds used in jewellery are treated ones. Traditionally people were not that open towards the use of black diamonds in jewellery. But slowly black diamonds jewellery did make its unique and irreplaceable place in the market due to its mysterious and appealing appearance. Black diamonds are also available in different shapes such as cushion, pear, and many such. People are liking the idea of using a black diamond in their engagement and wedding rings. Jewellers are using these diamonds to make different and unique designs of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. The strong black color of a diamond makes a statement when designed with precious metals like gold, platinum.

Natural Black diamonds are not that easy to find in the market as it is not that easy to differentiate between the two. That’s why one should always go for a trusted authority to purchase one. And should try to purchase after thoroughly looking for sources and certification. GIA lab does not specify clarity grade for black diamonds.

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