Brown Diamonds : Things To Know

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Diamond is basically comprised of carbon. Sometimes in the long forming process some other elements also get involved, which can influence the visual appearance of the diamond. In diamonds, nitrogen can be responsible for brown color. A brown color diamond also gets a piece of its exceptional color from the light that was ingested at the time of primary formation.

4C’s in Brown Color Diamond


Brown color diamonds can have orange, champagne, pink, cognac, chocolate, or dim earthy-colored shades or tint. The tone is how light or intense the shade of diamond is. A brown champagne-colored diamond has for example a lighter hue than a chocolate brown diamond.


The clarity in a diamond refers to the existence of inclusions and blemishes. Clarity plays a very important role in colorless diamonds, but in the case of dark brown diamonds, the clarity factor has less importance. Sometimes due to the darker shade of brown flaws and inclusions are not that visible. However, the case might be different when it comes to lighter shades of brown color diamonds.


Round brilliant-cut brown diamonds are available in the market along with fancy shapes such as pear, princess, heart, emerald, oval, marquise, cushion, and many more. The particular reason why they are available in so many fancy shapes is sometimes, cutting them from a variable angle can give it the desired color and look.


Carat weight is an important factor to decide the price of any diamond. To get maximum weight out of any rough diamond is a real trick. However, in color diamonds to get the desired color sometimes weight is given less preference.

Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate diamonds are nothing but brown natural color diamonds. In the 2000s diamond company named Le Vian tossed the term chocolate diamonds. It is just a fancy name, that attracts people. And there is no surprise that people’s love for chocolate is no different from their love for chocolate diamonds.

Champagne Diamonds

As the name suggests brown diamonds which somewhat resemble the color of champagne are known as champagne diamonds. The term was first coined in the late 1980s when a diamond company named Argyle Diamonds launched a marketing campaign for awareness of brown color diamonds. This program introduced a color scale of C1 to C7. As of now, this scale is wildly used throughout the world.

Cognac Diamonds

Cognac diamonds refer to the one shade of brown color diamonds. The brown diamonds which has a touch of yellow in them or the one with a deep hue of orange are known as cognac diamonds. During the late 1980’s The Rio Tinto Diamond Company invented the term cognac diamonds.

Are Brown Diamonds Expensive?

Brown diamonds are the most affordable color diamond amongst all. However intense and dark brown shaded diamonds are quite expensive compared to the ones with lighter shades. The brown diamonds which have an orange and pinkish tint are the most expensive of all. However, for the one who fancies natural color diamonds, brown diamonds are a blessing.

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