5 Tips for buying Salt and Pepper Diamond in Australia

Salt and pepper diamonds have numerous black and white inclusions. Inclusions are the imperfections inside the diamond, that occur naturally during the forming process. No two diamonds are alike because inclusions can never be the same. The uniqueness of every diamond is the gift of nature. Salt and pepper diamonds are unique and beautiful because they have many inclusions. However, there are some things to look into while making a purchase.

Things to consider while buying a salt and pepper diamond in Australia.

1. Evaluate the inclusions

Inclusions have a considerable impact on the overall look of salt and pepper diamonds. Inclusions make them look pretty. But still, they are imperfections. So, you have to make sure that it stays as an advantage.

Sparkle is one of the primary properties of diamonds. However, inclusions affect the way how light reflects. Avoid salt and pepper diamonds that look cloudy, muddy or unclear because of too many inclusions. So, make sure that inclusions don’t become a hindrance to the beauty of salt and pepper diamond. A cloudy diamond will look dull in its overall appearance.

2. Analyse the inclusions patterns

The inclusions create a distinctive pattern in diamonds. There are many different types of inclusions. Such as feathers, clouds, needles, and graining. While selecting a salt and pepper diamond look for patterns of inclusions. An inclusion pattern is a design created with one or two types of inclusions. The overall appearance should look put together. Sometimes salt and pepper diamonds have a mix of all inclusion. However, an inclusion pattern can make it more attractive.

3. Look for desired shape and colour

Salt and pepper diamonds are available in many colours. From shades of white, black, grey, yellow, green, pink, blue, etc. However, it’s up to you to select a colour. Decide beforehand only, what type of colour you prefer for your salt and pepper diamond. In Australia, black and white salt and pepper diamonds are more affordable compared to other fancy colours. There is a wide range of fancy shapes available in the market to choose from, such as oval, pear, princess, marquise, heart and many more. The price varies accordingly.

4. Set your budget

For diamonds, when it comes to value, the carat size plays a very big role. You will see that as the carat size increases, the value increases tremendously. However, salt and pepper diamonds are reasonable in Australia, when compared to other diamonds of the same carat weight. So, decide your budget respectively. Roughly decide your carat size and narrow down your search accordingly.

5. Salt and Pepper diamond in a jewellery

Salt and pepper diamonds are durable. Yet, inclusions can make a diamond prone to chip. But if you take care of some basic things then there is nothing to worry about. choosing a perfect setting is very important. The bezel setting and the prong setting are most preferable. These settings allow your diamond to be more durable. For salt and pepper engagement ring prong setting is perfect.

Keep these things in the back of your mind while buying a salt and pepper diamond and you are good.

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