Champagne Diamonds : Things to know

What is the champagne diamond?

The fancy brown colour diamond has a lot of different shades. One such type of brown colour is a champagne diamond. Champagne diamonds are unique and beautiful. They have a bold and eye-catchy appearance. The term champagne diamond was coin as it resembles the colour of champagne. Champagne diamonds come from many mines in different parts of the world.

Different shades of champagne colour

The infusion of nitrogen is the reason for the champagne colour. At the time of the diamond forming process, the amount of nitrogen decides the intensity of colour. They come in different shades, ranging from darker to lighter shades of brown. And can have a tint of colours such as yellow, orange or pink that plays as an undertone for diamonds.

Whether champagne diamonds are pocket friendly or not?

Compared to other fancy colour diamonds, champagne diamonds are affordable. Champagne diamonds are budget-friendly, as one can certainly get one at a more reasonable price than a classic colourless diamond. However, just like any other diamond, the price of a champagne diamond depends upon the intensity of colour, cut, purity and carat weight. Champagne diamonds with no undertone or less secondary tone are more pocket friendly.

Champagne diamond jewellery

The bold, captivating yet unique colour of a champagne diamond can make any piece of jewellery beautiful and one of a kind. Every diamond is beautiful in its way. The unique champagne colour is what attracts today’s generation. Champagne diamonds are in trend for engagement rings. Engagement rings with champagne colour diamond as a centre stone are popular. Champagne diamonds are used in every type of jewellery.

Buying guide for champagne diamond

Every diamond is unique. However, there are a few basic things to look at while buying any diamond. 4cs are considered before making any diamond purchase. They are colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. Let’s see them one by one.


Colour plays a vital role in a fancy colour diamond. The champagne diamond colour ranges from light to dark shades of brown. Sometimes it has a secondary tone or undertone of orange, yellow, or pink. The champagne diamond with intense colour and hue is rare.


Inclusions and blemishes are barriers to the clarity of the diamond. The colour quality of a champagne diamond helps in hiding the small inclusion. So, look for diamonds, whose inclusions aren’t visible to the naked eyes, and you can save a few bucks.


Cut plays an important role in the brilliance and fire of the diamond. The cut is responsible for rich and deep colour. The champagne diamonds are available in many shapes, such as pear, marquise, oval, princess and many more.


A carat is a denominator used to weigh a diamond. A carat is an essential factor for pricing. With the increase in the carat weight, the diamond prices change drastically.

Once you understand some basics about a beautiful and unique champagne diamond, you should get one.

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