Chocolate diamond – Things to know

Beneath the surface of the earth, diamonds take years to form. During the years-long forming process, sometimes other elements also get involved. These elements result in different shades of colours in a diamond. Nitrogen is one such element that gives diamonds a beautiful and extraordinary brown colour. Chocolate diamonds are diamonds which has a deep brown hue. However, not every brown diamond is a chocolate diamond.

What are the chocolate diamonds?

Le Vian copyrighted the term “chocolate diamond” back in the 2000s. Le Vian is the brand that introduced chocolate diamonds into the market. The chocolate diamond’s colour can range from dark to lighter shades of brown.

Are chocolate diamonds worth buying?

True chocolate diamonds have a limited supply in the market. That is because out of all the diamonds mined, very few of them are colour diamonds. However, the term chocolate diamond excites people to buy them. The richness and quality of the chocolate diamond allure people. Chocolate diamonds are always up for demand in the market. In recent years the chart of brown diamonds has been going up. So right now it is a very good time to buy them.

Are chocolate diamonds affordable?

Chocolate diamonds are pocket friendly when compared to other fancy colour diamonds. You can get fancy colour chocolate diamonds at more affordable prices than classic colourless diamonds. Even though chocolate diamonds are rare, they can easily fit within the budget. Chocolate diamonds have significantly lower prices as they are found most commonly than other fancy colour diamonds, such as pink, blue, green, etc.

How to choose a perfect chocolate diamond?

After mentioning all the amazing facts about chocolate diamonds, now it is important to choose the right one. While purchasing the chocolate diamond, make sure to not select a very dark or light shade, as the darker one will hide the facets and might affect the reflection of light. The lighter colour chocolate diamonds make inclusions visible to naked eyes.

Choose that perfect chocolate colour diamond that appeals to your eyes and also has lesser inclusions. Chocolate diamonds are available in many different fancy shapes. Such as pear, marquise, emerald, heart, oval and many more.

The trend of chocolate diamonds in a jewellery

In recent years chocolate diamonds have drawn the attention of many people. The bold appearance of chocolate diamonds is stealing the hearts of many people, especially the younger ones. Chocolate diamond is widely used as the centre stone of engagement rings and wedding bands. A wide range of designs in chocolate diamond is available for studs and pendants. Chocolate diamonds are even selected for bracelets and pendants.

If you are looking for something trendy and also pocket-friendly, then the chocolate diamond is the perfect fit. They are uniquely beautiful and rare.

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