Cognac diamonds – Things to know

Cognac Diamonds in Australia

What are cognac diamonds?

Cognac diamonds are a type of fancy colour brown diamond. During the diamond forming process interference of elements, such as nitrogen and hydrogen are responsible for the brown colour of the diamond. The cognac diamond is a dark brown colour diamond with an orange undertone. In the late 1980s, the term cognac diamond was raised, as it resembles the colour of cognac. Cognac diamonds are found in many mines worldwide. Especially, at argyle mines. 

Are cognac diamonds budget-friendly? 

Diamonds are rare and luxurious commodities. They are so beautiful that every heart desires to have them. However, not every diamond can fit into your budget. That is where the cognac diamond comes to the rescue. Compared to other fancy colour diamonds and classic white diamonds, cognac diamonds are affordable. Cognac diamond’s availability makes their prices a little more reasonable. 

Availability of cognac diamonds in fancy shapes 

Cognac diamonds are available in classic round shapes. Other than that, they are also available in many fancy shapes. Shapes such as pear, marquise, emerald, heart, cushion, princess, oval, etc. These different shapes are very much in trend. The fancy shape cognac diamonds are used in all different types of jewellery. The fancy shape cognac diamond jewellery is unique and rare, yet so beautiful that they draw everyone’s attention. Some of the fancy shape cognac diamonds are even more pocket friendly than classic round cognac diamonds. 

The popularity of Cognac diamond in a jewellery 

The warmness of cognac colour goes very well with yellow gold or rose gold jewellery. The subtle brown cognac colour diamond compliments the jewellery so well that it can enhance the overall look. Cognac diamonds are popular in engagement rings and wedding bands. Until a few years ago, cognac diamonds were not that famous in the jewellery market. However, after the campaign run by argyle mine, they became famous. The use of cognac diamond jewellery by celebrities made them very popular. Besides rings, cognac diamonds are used in studs, pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

Buying guide for cognac diamond 

It is important to choose the diamond which is perfect for you. For that, always check the 4cs criteria i.e cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight. The cut is important for any diamond, as it impacts the overall appearance and light of the diamond. Look out for blemishes or inclusions. Try to ignore a cognac diamond whose inclusions and blemishes are visible to the naked eye. If you are selecting a fancy shape diamond, then make sure it doesn’t have a bow tie effect. Check that your diamond is not too shallow.

Many shades of brown are there for cognac diamonds ranging from darker to lighter. It is up to you to decide how much bigger the diamond you want. But it is advisable to figure it out beforehand. As price increases drastically with an increase in carat weight. 

The warmer brown cognac diamonds are absolutely beautiful and unique. At the same time pocket friendly. A perfect diamond for everyone.

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