Understanding Diamond Carat Weight – 4cs Of Diamonds

diamond carat - 4cs

The physical weight of diamonds is measured by carat unit. 1 carat is a sum of 100 points. Additionally, 1 carat measures 0.200 grams. Whereas 2265 carats will sum up to 1 pound.

The diamonds below 1 carat are measured in points, for example, 0.25 ct is 25 pointer diamond. Besides this the diamond above 1 carat is expressed in 1 carat, for example, 1.10ct pronounced as one carat ten points.

How Carat Plays Crucial Role Into 4 C’s and Diamond Value?

Carat weight is one of the 4C’s that affect the value of a diamond. As the diamond carat chart ascends from smaller sizes to bigger sizes the value increases. Therefore larger size diamonds are more expensive than smaller diamonds. Also, a 1-carat diamond will be more expensive than two ½ carat diamonds. But along with carat; color, clarity, and cut also define the value with the size of a diamond.

Though two diamonds are of equal carat the value of each diamond may differ since there might be cut, color, or clarity differences. Therefore, the diamond cutters with their excellent skills try to maximize the carat of the diamond from its rough also by keeping the 3C’s into consideration.

How Did the Modern Diamond System Start?

The carob seeds that grow in the Mediterranean area which has fruit pods contain few seeds. These seeds of equal and uniform sizes were used by the early gemstone and diamond traders for weighing. In the year 1913, United States adopted the modern carat weighing system. This modern weighing system is based on milligram weights. These weights are equal to the carob seeds. Also, these weights are universally adopted.

diamond carat - 4cs

Diamond Carat Size Chart

Diamonds come in different carats as well as different shapes. Each shape has its ideal proportions and sizes. Additionally, the diamond cutters with their highest precision try to polish the diamond with maximum weight to the best value.

What Are Magic Sizes And Their Rarity?

Few sizes are known as magic sizes because these sizes get demand in the market. The magic sizes include half a carat, three-quarters of a carat, or a carat. Therefore, according to the magic sizes, the prices of these sizes also differ. For example, a diamond weighing 1 carat will price far more than 0.99 carat diamond because it’s a magic size diamond.

Diamond Carat Buying Tips

The points mentioned below about diamond carats should be taken into consideration while you are buying a diamond

diamond carat weight

Buy The Diamond Carat That Suits Your Fingers

While buying a diamond you should look into the size that suits your finger. For example, wearing a small carat diamond on thick finger sizes will not be appropriate as it won’t be directly visible. Vice versa, if you choose a larger diamond for thin fingers the diamond size will be oversizing your fingers and give a prominent look.

While Buying A Diamond Consider Your Budget Then Plan For Size

Always buying a higher carat won’t give a great shiny appearance if the clarity, color, and cut are poor of that diamond. Therefore, you should consider your budget and look for sizes that justify all 4C’s.

Search for All Carat Sizes

You should always explore all the sizes of the diamonds rather than choosing only magic sizes.

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