What Is A Diamond Certificate?

Diamond Certificate

The labs like GIA, GSL, HRD, and IGI provide certificates for the diamonds. These certificates provide detailed information and elements about the diamond. The diamond elements, i.e 4C’s Clarity, color, carat, cut are specified. Also, with this the origin, length, and many more are listed on the certificate.

Moreover, the professional graders analyze and measure the diamonds by using professional grading tools.

Also, these certificates of each entity are not similar but contain the same elements required for grading the diamonds. Therefore due to the difference in certificates of each entity the value may differ accordingly. Hence it is important to know which diamond grading labs are trustworthy.

Popular Diamond Grading Labs In Australia

GIA Certification

The GIA Gemological Institute of America is the most trusted and respected diamond grading body in the world. Moreover, their consistency in grading provides the most accurate diamond certificate. Hence, the buyers can rely on the GIA certificate without any doubt.

 The diamond grading elements in the GIA certificate are mentioned below.

 Diamond evaluation date

 Cut grade (Excellent cut, Very good cut, Good cut or Poor cut)

 Clarity grade (IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2)

 Color grade (range from D to J)

 Carat weight

 Diamond Shape

 Measurement of diamond (mm)

 Table %

 Culet size

 Depth %


 Polish grade

 Proportion diagram

 Girdle thickness

 Fluorescence grade

 Diamond plot depicting all inclusions and blemishes

 Security features

 Laser inscription

 General comment

GIA Certificate

GSL Certification

In Australia, Gem Studies Laboratory (GSL) was found for gem testing and diamond grading. In Australia, GSL was introduced 35 years ago, to meet the demand for gem laboratory.

With years of experience, this gem grading and diamond grading lab in Australia is a sovereign best-known laboratory. Also, provides accurate diamond certification and gem certification. The experience along with a commitment to customer services have contributed to the lab with loyal clients in Australia.

With constant development, the lab is updating upcoming technology to maintain its standards in

Australia as well as overseas platforms.

GSL provides services from Australian auction houses to Australian manufactures, jewelry retailers, wholesalers, gemstone and diamond importers and also antique dealers. For GSL, Clients’ trust is more valuable than the commercial value of the piece.

HRD Certification

The Hoge Raad Voor Diamant (HRD) is an Europe based diamond grading entity. The diamonds graded from this entity values higher than the GIA graded diamonds. And also this diamond grading entity serves as a full report with a detailed evaluation of every piece.

The HRD certification diamond elements are listed below:


 Carat (Weight)


 Color grade (D-Z)

 Clarity grade (LC, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, P1, P2, P3)

 The cut includes proportion, symmetry and polish


 Girdle size


 Total depth%

 Table width%

 Crown height

 Pavilion depth

 Laser inscription

IGI Certification

The International gemological institute (IGI) was rooted in 1975. Also, this organization is one of the largest sovereign gemological laboratories in the world. The IGI labs are located in all the major diamond trading cities. In this lab, the professional diamond graders only grade the diamonds. The IGI report includes a detailed structure of the diamond. This entity measures diamond color from D color to Z color. And, the diamond clarity includes IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1P1, I2P2 and I3P3 grades. The finish includes the aspects like proportions, symmetry and polish.

Benefits of Certified Diamonds

While purchasing certified diamonds, you also get know to about the quality of the diamond. Moreover, you have verified details of the diamond so u don’t fall for a well-decorated sales pitch.

Also, the certified diamonds help in getting resale value due to their original proof. On other hand, the certified diamond value is higher than the non-certified diamond. It is also beneficial when they are in the upgrading process. Another benefit of having a certificate for the diamond is that customers can easily shop online with confidence.

Differences Between Certified And Non-certified Diamonds?

The difference between certified and non-certified diamonds is that there’s a certificate of origin provided to certified diamonds. Whereas non-certified diamonds have no certification. It is also suggested to buy a certified diamond from a trusted grading lab. Because then you know that the diamond you are purchasing is original and worth the value. Moreover, with non-certified diamonds, it is difficult to recognize the diamond and its aspects. It even comes in handy to differentiate between original diamond and synthetic stone.

Do Diamonds Require a Certificate?

The diamonds must have their certification as it gives you 100% assurance of the diamond that you are purchasing. It provides you with proof of all the elements and characters of the diamond. The elements like finish, 4C’s (clarity, cut, color, and carat) proportions, inclusions and flaws of your diamond. Also, the diamonds that are not certified will not give you high resale value and won’t be aware of their origin. 

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