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Diamond colour refers to the hue present within the diamond. The colour inside the diamond ranges from white that is colourless to yellow. Moreover, the colourless diamonds result in the highest value. Whereas, the value starts descending as the colour mounts towards the yellow tint. While you understand the diamond it directly links you to choose the right diamond.

Diamond Colour Chart

The Gemological Institute of America has stated the standards for 4C’s of diamonds. Also, to follow the GIA chart is always advisable. Below listed is the GIA colour grading chart.

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D Colour Diamonds

The highest colour grade is D. This indicates that the diamonds of this grade are completely colourless. Diamonds possessing D colour are rare and come out in the market with premium prices.

E Colour Diamonds

The E colour diamonds are close or identical to diamonds with D colour. Only the experts can make out the difference between the D colour and E colour diamonds as they possess almost similar colours within them. Though it is a grade below D colour diamonds still pose a premium range on the market.

F Colour Diamonds

F colour diamonds also achieve an almost similar colour grade that of E colour diamonds with no colour visible. Other than a gemologist expert no one can make the colour difference between D, E, and F colour diamonds, under magnification.

G – H Colour Diamonds

G – H colour diamonds exhibit some tints of colour when they are compared to the higher grades of diamonds like D, E, and F colour. The slight tint in G – H colour is only visible through the magnification and not through the naked eye. G-H colour diamonds are considered best option in white diamonds, as once fit in jewellery it looks colour less.

I – J Colour Diamonds

These colour diamonds possesses a slightly more faint yellow tint than G – H colour. Any untrained eye won’t be able to detect the faint colour tint but under magnification, anyone can make out the colour shade of I – J colour diamonds. These are easily available in the market and are less expensive than the higher grades G – H colour.

K – L – M Colour Diamonds

The yellow tint in K colour is quite easy to detect without the help of magnification. Though there’s a tint of yellow colour in these grades, they still exhibit good fire and beauty. These K – L – M colour grades give good value and are budget-friendly. These grade diamonds are advised to set in yellow gold metal. This helps to hide the colour tint of diamonds.

N – R Colour Diamonds

These grade diamonds are notified with yellow as well as brown tints. These diamonds are available at reasonable prices than colourless diamonds. These are usually suggested for the demi-fine jewelry pieces. But usually not recommended for high-end jewelry pieces.

S – Z Colour Diamonds

These grades pose a bit higher tint of yellow or brown shade. Due to obvious colour, the diamond are less desired thus inexpensive.

Why Does The GIA Colour Grading System Start At D?

Before the grades of GIA were derived from D colour to Z colour, there were few terms present in the diamond world. But these terms were loosely used from Arabic numbers( 0, 1, 2) or the alphabets( A, B, C) or Roman numbers( I, II, III). Moreover, the variety of these systems were without a clear definition. Therefore GIA wanted to do a fresh start for the grading system of diamonds and the colour of diamonds. Hence, the GIA colour chart starts from D colour.

fancy color diamods

The Difference Between Fancy Colour And White Colour Diamonds

The diamonds exist in a natural spectrum of rainbow colours. These diamonds are known to be fancy coloured diamonds. Out of 10,000 white diamonds, only 1 diamond posses fancy colour. There’s a separate scale of grading the fancy colour diamonds.
Do you know, more the intense and vivid colour, the higher the value of the diamond?

Fancy Diamond Colour Chart

According to the need and the criteria of fancy colours, the colour grade chart for fancy colour diamonds is derived separately. The colourless diamonds are graded from D – Z colour while the fancy colour diamonds are graded over the intensity of colour within them.
The chart of fancy colour diamonds is listed below :

Very light
Fancy light
Fancy intense
Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep, or Fancy Dark.

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