Diamond Studs In Australia: Things to know

diamond studs in Australia

What are the diamond studs?

Diamond studs are worn by both men and women as an ear ornament. In Egypt, studs were used very first time as a piece of jewellery. Afterward, during the 1500s wearing studs turned out to be very famous. Though first pearl studs came into the market, not much after diamond studs also started to become very popular. And since then it never went out of fashion.

What types of diamonds are used in diamond studs?

The classic ones are colorless round-cut diamond studs, which are the all-time hero. However, some other fancy shape diamonds such as princess, oval, pear, marquise, emerald cut diamond studs are also loved by people. For diamond studs, the prong setting is quite commonly used. Other than that bezel, crown, basket settings are also used.

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Diamond studs in the fashion world

Diamond studs give a simple and elegant look. Trends go back and forth, however, diamond studs are ageless. They can be worn anywhere starting from daily routine wear to any occasion.

Diamond studs give such a polished look that one can wear them to any event. Be it kid, young lady or elderly or for that matter man anyone can carry the poised look with a diamond stud. Traditionally colorless round cut diamonds were used for diamond studs. However, fancy color diamond studs are also trendy in the current fashion world.

Things to be kept in mind while purchasing diamond studs

One should always consider 4cs of a diamond before making any purchase of diamond jewellery. 4cs of a diamond is cut color, clarity, and carat.

Always try and get an answer for basic questions such as what type of cut it is? What is the color grade? The clarity grade? How many inclusions and imperfection does it has? What is the carat weight? What is the price per carat? Whether the diamonds are certified or not? Answer to these questions from your seller will help you a lot while buying diamond studs.

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Diamond studs as a gift

Diamond studs make an excellent gift for any occasion, whether you attend a graduation celebration or your best friend’s wedding, or your sibling’s birthday party. It can be an amazing gift for a recently blooming relationship. Gifting someone a diamond stud can have such a beautiful message. As when you gift them a pair it means that you are always going to stay together and the diamond symbolizes foreverness.

Should one invest in diamond studs?

Diamond studs are versatile pieces of jewellery. They are worth spending money on because they are never out of style. As diamond studs are designed with precious metal and diamonds, it is a very good investment as well.

The price range varies on the type of metal used, diamond cut, weight, color, and many other factors. But still, diamond studs can be a budget-friendly purchase if you want to hold a piece of jewellery within your budget. As there are many options and varieties available to choose from.

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