Emerald Cut Diamond – Things to know

Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald cut diamond is basically a rectangle diamond with rounded corners. It has 57 facets, but unlike round cut diamonds, the facets are liner. And that is why you will see a glimmer of lights in emerald.

Historical flashback

The history of emerald-cut diamonds goes way back to the 1500s. This cut was discovered by the people who used to cut and shape the diamonds. This shape was specially invented to minimize the chances of chipping corners. During the era of the art deco period, around the 1920s, emerald cut started to come into the light. After that its popularity kept rising and since then it never went out of style.

Colour and Clarity

While compared to any other fancy shape emerald cut shows the colour and clarity of the diamond more prominently. That is because it has a larger top surface and liner facets. Sometimes the inclusions can be easily visible to naked eyes as it reflects lights in quite a better way because of less sparkles. Emerald cut intensifies the colour of a diamond. Hence, they can be the best option for fancy colour diamonds.

Emerald cut diamond in Jewelry

The emerald cut diamond appears bigger to the eyes than its actual size. It goes along really well with engagement rings. A nowadays fancy colour emerald cut diamond engagement ring is becoming quite popular. It makes the wearer’s finger look longer and slender. Comparatively, it is easier to design an emerald with a precious metal such as platinum, gold, silver, etc. The rounded edges of an emerald make it more durable as it is not easily prone to chip.

Pocket friendly compare to round cut

Definitely, yes. When compared to a round cut diamond and some of the other fancy shapes one can buy an emerald cut diamond within the budget. The main reason for it being reasonable is that it loses the least amount of rough weight while polishing. So you spend less but you get exceptional clarity and a bigger looking beautiful diamond.

Difference between Emerald and emerald cut diamond and baguttes

Many times, people confuse emerald and emerald-cut diamonds as the same. But they are way too different. Emerald is a gemstone and emerald cut diamond is diamond. emerald is mainly available in shades of green and blue. Whereas emerald cut diamond is available in white as well many fancy colours. The hardness has a vast difference in both cases.

Sometimes people tend to consider emerald cut diamonds as baguettes, that is because they have similarities. Baguette has a rectangle shape, but they have sharp, uncut corners. Whereas emerald cut diamonds have round edges. Even there is a difference in a number of facets between both. Emerald cut diamond has more number of facets and that is why it has better brilliance. So, to conclude here emerald cut diamond is pleasant to the eyes, beautiful to the wearer and light to the pockets.

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