Comparison: Fancy Light Yellow to Vivid Yellow Diamonds

Things to know about yellow diamonds

Diamonds take thousands of years to form beneath the earth. In this lengthy process, sometimes other elements also become part of the process. Some of these elements are the reason why we have colour diamonds. Nitrogen is responsible for the natural yellow diamond. However, the influence of the yellow colour depends upon the strength of nitrogen. And that is why we have a variety of yellow colour diamonds.

The rare yellow diamonds

Yellow diamonds are rare, and not easily found. Out of 10000 carats of mined diamonds, only one per cent are fancy colour diamonds. Out of that one per cent, only 60% are yellow diamonds. However, yellow diamonds are the most traded fancy colour diamonds. Yellow diamonds are in huge demand in Australia. The tone and saturation also affect the intensity of colour in the diamond.

Yellow diamond colour grading

However, before buying them, one needs to make sure of many things. The Gemological Institute of America, aka GIA, provides all the required details about the diamond. They have a standard range for the yellow colour intensity of the diamond. They are categorized as Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep, Fancy Intense, and Fancy Vivid. As the colour grading category goes from fancy light to fancy vivid, at every stage, the colour gets more intense.

Let’s see the major difference between fancy, fancy intense and fancy vivid yellow diamond.

The fancy yellow diamond has a noticeable yellow colour. Fancy yellow diamonds are widely available in the market. And they are traded at an affordable price and are pocket friendly. The fancy intense yellow diamond has a saturated yellow colour. The high saturation and dark yellow tone make the intense yellow colour. However, in the market, they are traded at good prices. So, they might not come cheaper. The topmost in the list is fancy vivid yellow, which has the highest saturation, vibrant tone and strong colour. They are rare and precious. Fancy vivid yellow diamonds are not easily available in the market and are traded at high prices.

How do the prices work for different shades of yellow diamonds?

As we have mentioned earlier, colour, tone and saturation, these three factors are responsible for the intensity of colour. As the intensity increases, the price also goes up. The more intense the yellow colour, the rarer it gets. That means as we go from fancy light yellow to fancy vivid yellow, the price goes up at every level though not on the same ground. Cut, clarity and carat weight also have an important role in the pricing factor.

However, colour is always the deciding factor in fancy colour diamonds. Compared to other fancy colour diamonds, yellow diamonds are very affordable and pocket friendly.

From fancy light yellow to fancy vivid yellow, every colour is beautiful in its way. Every colour fits differently into the budget. So, it’s upon the buyer to choose accordingly.

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