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heart shape diamond in Australia

Heart shape diamond falls under the fancy shape diamond category. It is a modified version of the classic round brilliant. This is just a refashioned form of round brilliant. Normally it has 56 to 58 facets. Mostly 6 to 8 facets are on the pavilion.

What do diamonds in heart shape symbolize?

Diamonds have always been known for symbolizing forever love. And heart shape diamonds happen to deepen that meaning. The connection between love and heart is very well known. That is the particular reason why heart shape diamonds intensify the symbolism presented by diamonds in general.

Heart shape diamond in a Jewelry

Heart shape diamond is sort of complicated to manufacture. Thus, not many of them are available in the market. Hence, that is what makes perfect heart shape diamonds rare and unique. Everyone likes a unique and beautiful. And that is why considering heart shape diamond for your jewelry can be a good decision. They are even available in fancy colors such as yellow, purple, pink, green, blue, etc. Heart shape diamonds are very much popular in engagement rings, solitaire pendants, and solitaire tops.

Are heart shape diamonds costly?

Though heart shape diamonds are rare and there is limited supply but one can find it at rates cheaper than a round brilliant. However, they might be a little pricey compared to other fancy shapes. But you can definitely get a heart shape diamond within a budget.

Things to be considered while making a purchase

To ensure that whether or not you are making the right purchase is to study 4Cs i.e., color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Let’s go through this 4cs one by one for a heart shape diamond.


Color in a diamond is deciding how white or colorless the diamond is. Or in the case of fancy color how light or intense the color is. Heart shape diamond sparkles a lot. The shape allows the light to reflect in a better way. That’s why choosing a near-colorless range is a great option and pocket friendly too.


Cut plays an important role in the overall appearance of a diamond. It is necessary to make sure that both the halves of the heart are in sync with each other. The length-width ratio in a heart shape diamond should be somewhere near 0.87. Try to avoid a diamond with a dark center. It is created when the light went inside the diamond cannot reflect back to the surface and it creates a dark patch in that area. Which can make an overall diamond look dull.


Many fancy shapes are good at hiding inclusions and so does the heart shape diamond. The heart shape helps in hiding inclusions towards the point. But try to avoid the inclusions that can be seen to the naked eyes as it can impact the overall beauty of the diamond.

Carat weight

The bigger the size better it looks, we recommend sticking with 1ct and above. Small size heart shape diamonds are hard to notice from distance. If choosing a small size diamond, don’t compromise on cutting and model.

Keep some basic details in check and get a beautiful heart shape diamond today.

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