Long Radiant vs Emerald Cut Diamond – Comparison

What is a long radiant cut diamond?

Radiant cut diamond is a popular fancy shape. They are either square or rectangular with bevelled corners. The one with a rectangle shape is termed as a long radiant. Unlike round diamonds, the radiant cut has 70 facets, which offers a considerable amount of sparkle, brilliance and fire to the diamond. Long radiant cut diamond gives a bright and rich look to any jewellery.

What is an emerald cut diamond?

The emerald cut diamonds are rectangular with sharp and bevelled edges. It is a step-cut diamond with long single facets, which creates an illusion of a “hall of mirrors”. Emerald cut diamonds are popular in engagement rings and wedding bands. Many celebrities have been seen wearing emerald cut diamond jewellery. Emerald cut diamond is known for its elegant and sophisticated look.

Inclusions and blemishes

Emerald cut diamonds have a larger table. They sparkle less compared to other shapes as they have step cut facets. Step cut facets can make inclusions and blemishes easily visible to the naked eyes. That is why it is preferable to buy an eye clean emerald cut diamond.

However, long radiant cut diamonds can easily hide some little inclusions and blemishes. A radiant cut diamond has more facets, brilliance and fire than other shape diamonds. The sparkle of radiant cut diamonds hides little inclusions, making them invisible to the naked eyes.

The cutting process

While manufacturing the emerald cut diamond, there is the least wastage, as it has step cut single line 57 facets. Whereas in radiant cut, there are 70 facets which are just like round diamonds. During the cutting process, comparatively, more of the rough diamond gets wasted. As a result, the final output is less in the radiant cut compared to the emerald cut. However, radiant cut diamonds have more output ratio from rough to fine, than many other diamond shapes.

Which one is best for jewellery

If we choose emerald and radiant cut diamonds of the same carat weight, the emerald cut appears bigger, than the long radiant cut. Emerald cuts are pocket friendly than a long radiant cut. But, the radiant cut has amazing brilliance and fire, which can be perfect as a centre stone. So, it always depends on personal choices, whether to choose an emerald cut or a long radiant cut. Both of them fit differently into the budget.

Which one is more pocket friendly

The emerald cut has step cut facets and as we have mentioned, a minimum wastage in the cutting process. And that is why emerald cut is more pocket friendly than long radiant cut. The radiant cut has more brilliance and fire. That is why it can be a little more in price when compared to the emerald cut. However, a radiant cut is more cost-effective than a classic round brilliant and many other fancy shapes.

Many factors make emerald and long radiant cut different from each other. Some of the emerald cut’s features are better than long radiant cut and vice versa. So, it is up to you to choose which suits you better.

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