Natural Yellow Diamonds – Facts & Importance

Yellow diamonds

Among all the other coloured diamond, yellow diamonds are the most commonly found loose diamonds on earth. From the presence of nitrogen molecules during the forming process through which the diamond gets this yellow colour.  Yellow diamonds comes in Mainly 4 major Categories such as Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Intense Yellow and Fancy Vivid Yellow. These Yellow Diamonds are found in mines of all over the world. Even though yellow stones are the most commonly found they are still considered rare. Yellow Diamonds are an extremely popular option for Engagement Rings. Many Celebrities have used the bling of yellow diamonds in their engagement rings. That benefited both their value and prices of Yellow diamonds.  

Yellow diamonds contrast beautifully against white diamonds. The center of white large stone tends to make it look whiter and brighter when two yellow stones set on the side. Yellow Diamond goes well with all type of skin tones. If the stone has an even colour, it is considered pure. Pure Yellow Diamonds are often called as Canary Yellow Diamonds which has more vivid tone. Depending on its GIA colour, Grade and vividness the worth of Yellow Diamond changed dramatically. Fancy Vivid yellow is worth the most then Fancy Intense, Fancy Yellow and Fancy Light Yellow. Large Yellow Diamonds can be assets for a highly attractive investment. 

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