Oval Shape Diamond: Buying Guide

oval cut diamond

Oval shape diamonds come under a fancy shape diamond category. You can consider a classic round diamond extended on its sides. The oval cut diamond was created by Lazare Kaplan in the early 1960s.

The trend of oval shape diamond engagement ring

Due to its shape, the oval-cut stone seems large. On the grounds that the oval diamond has a bigger surface than a round cut diamond of equivalent carat weight, it can seem bigger to the eye. Oval diamonds set in engagement rings will make the finger of the wearer look slender and longer. 

What’s more in light of the fact that the shape doesn’t have sharp points or corners, so when we compare it to other fancy shapes an oval cut diamond is less inclined to chipping. All these favorable points make oval diamond worthy for an engagement ring.

Is oval cut diamond costly or budget friendly?

A big yes! oval cut diamond is budget-friendly. In addition to the fact that you get all the more value for your money, they truly cost less per carat than other fancy cut diamonds. Oval is one of the most economical fancy shapes. You can get the same carat size of the oval as round and still, you will definitely be saving some bucks. Even though the oval is a fancy cut diamond, there is a big difference in the pricing because of the demand factor.

Sparkle in oval shape diamond?

An oval’s prolonged shape makes the deception of a much more noteworthy size due to its weight conveyance which likewise makes the radiance more fanned out. But the oval cut is one of the most radiant in all the fancy cuts. Pave settings can do wonders to oval shape diamonds. Pave setting creates an illusion where the center stone looks bigger. 

Buying guide for an oval shape diamond

What is the diamond length-width ratio?

The diamond length-width ratio is determined by dividing the diamond’s height by the diamond’s width. It helps in deciding how a fancy shape diamond will seem when seen from the top.

The vast majority say the best length-to-width proportion of an oval is 1.35-1.50. the diamond that falls inside this reach won’t be excessively round, or too sharp! The lower the proportion, the plumper the oval. In like manner, the higher the proportion, the leaner the diamond.

What is a bow-tie effect?

Where the light is not entered in any of the facets, it does not reflect. which kind of creates a dark patch or area. which is known as the bow-tie effect. This comes very commonly in oval cut diamonds when the length-width ratio is not followed. Bow-tie effect is considered as an imperfection by some but not by everyone. It entirely depends on the viewer’s perspective. sometimes it is not completely avoidable however it depends a lot on the cuter, he can always minimize it.

While buying an oval shape cut diamond one should always consider the length-width ratio and bow-tie effect. And of course, while making any diamond purchase 4cs should always be studied, i.e. cut, color, clarity, carat. So go and buy this amazing oval cut diamond, just keep above said things in mind.

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