Pear Shape Diamond – Buying Guide

pear cut diamond

Pear shape diamond comes under a fancy shape diamond category. It resembles a drop of water. The one end of pear cut diamond is pointed and the other end is like an oval. In 1475, for the very first time, the pear shape diamond was invented by Lodewyk van Bercken.

Pear Shape Diamond in Engagement Ring

Pear Shape diamond engagement ring looks bigger on the finger compared to the round cut diamond engagement ring of the same carat weight. It even makes the wearer’s finger look slimmer. One can wear a pear shape diamond engagement ring in whatever way they like. The pointed end can be towards fingers or can be downward. Many people symbolize a pear cut diamond as a teardrop. The tear of joy and happiness. Pear-shaped engagement rings are always in trend. Pear shape diamond engagement ring is considered as timeless beauty in rings collection.

Is Pear Shape Diamond Costly?

Many people think that pear shape diamond is costly because it is a fancy shape diamond. But that’s a myth. Compared to the round cut diamond if you buy a pear shape diamond of the same size, you are definitely going to save some bucks. Because of their extraordinary shape, pear shape diamond utilizes a greater amount of the rough diamond than the round cut, which helps in retaining the weight.

Length to Width Ratio

The ideal length to width ratio for a pear shape diamond is 1.45 to 1.75. The pointed edge should be in line with the center of the other end. A ratio lower than 1.45 might give you short and chubby shoulders, which might give away pear shape. And the ratio above 1.75 in pear shape will look like a thinner diamond with a liner shoulder, which is also not the ideal pear shape diamond. However, it is still a personal preference. If it looks symmetrical to your eyes, there is no harm in rooting for it.

Bow Tie Effect

The dark patches in any diamond are known as the bow-tie effect. It happens when light cannot reach a particular area, it creates dim patches that show up in the diamond. The bow tie effect appears in most of the fancy shape diamonds. However, the expertise of the cutter can minimize it. Not all the time bow time effect is considered as imperfection only, sometimes it depends upon the viewer’s perspective.

Color and Clarity in Pear Shape Diamond

Pear shape diamond tends to show the tone more than the other diamond shapes, especially towards the pointer end. And that is why one needs to be thoughtful while selecting the color of Pear shape diamond. Pear shape diamond is also available in some fancy colors. Such as in shades of yellow, pink, blue, and orange. The well-cut pear shape diamond can make the inclusions invisible to naked eyes. The pointed end works well in hiding any imperfections or inclusions.

Well, if you love unique things with meanings. Then you should give a pear shape diamond one chance. A pear shape diamond is budget-friendly also. If you give a chance to pear shape diamond for an engagement ring or earrings or anything, you definitely won’t regret it.

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