Pear vs Oval Shape Diamond – Comparison

Pear vs oval shape diamond

Pear shape diamond

The pear shape diamond looks like a drop of water. The anatomy of pear shape diamonds includes a head, shoulder, belly, wings and point. Pear shape diamond is a brilliant cut, which results in stunning fire and brilliance. Back in 1475, Mr Lodewyk van Bercken introduced pear shape diamonds to the world.

Oval shape diamond

The oval shape diamond has symmetrically rounded shoulders on both sides. Oval shape diamond is like a round shape diamond but a little elongated on both sides. In the 1960s, Lazare Kaplan invented oval shape diamond. The oval shape diamond appears bigger than a classic round diamond of the same carat weight. Oval shape diamond has astounding brilliance and sparkle.

Length width ratio

One can derive a length-to-width ratio by dividing the length of a diamond by the width of the diamond. Length width ratio is essential for a fancy shape diamond as it affects overall appearance and brilliance. However, it is different for every shape.

The ideal length-to-width ratio for a pear shape diamond is 1.45 to 1.75. If the length or width is not around this ratio, the pear shape diamond might look chubby or thin. Or, in some cases might give away the shape’s beauty.

The length-to-width ratio for an ideal oval shape resides between 1.35-1.50. This ratio is to make sure that the shoulders of oval shape diamonds are not too rounded or thin.

Diamond for an engagement ring

Both pear and oval shape diamonds are in trend for engagement rings. They make the wearer’s finger look thinner and slender. However, there are minor differences between both. Pear shape diamond is more pocket-friendly than an oval shape diamond, but oval shape diamond has more brilliance.

Oval shape diamond appears bigger than a pear shape diamond of the same carat weight. The pointed end of pear shape diamond hides inclusion so well that it can be invisible to the naked eye. Though, the pointed end of the pear shape diamond is a little more vulnerable to chipping.

Preferable diamond settings

For a pear shape diamond, it is necessary to secure the pointed tip, as it might be vulnerable to chipping. Because of this reason prong setting is one of the best considerable options for a pear shape. For oval shape diamond, there is nothing to worry about chipping as both ends are rounded. So, oval shape diamond can be set with any preferred setting. However, the prong setting is popular for an oval shape diamond.

Pear and oval shape diamonds are both being most desired fancy shape diamonds in Australia. Although choosing one out of two depends on personal preferences and choices.

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