Princess Cut Diamond – Things to know

Princess Cut Diamond

Princess cut comes under the fancy shape diamond category. It is a square or rectangle shape diamond little inclined towards the edges. But if you turn it over, it will look like a pyramid. The princess cut is the most famous cut among the fancy shape diamonds. On the popularity scale, the princess cut comes after the round brilliant. The princess cut diamond has mostly 56 or 57 facets. Also, some of them can even have 76 facets instead.

History about the invention of princess cut diamond

There is no concrete data of when and where the princess cut diamond came into existence. Though it is said that it came into the market by the 1960s. In the 1980s, people actually started to acknowledge the princess cut diamond. Since then, its popularity has never declined.

Birds view on a pricing of a princess cut diamond

The princess cut is the second most well-known shape in the diamond world. But still, it is pocket friendly. One can get a princess cut diamond within a budget. The particular reason for the same is that it delivers the maximum carat weight during the cutting process, compared to other shapes. The per-carat price is reasonable as opposed to round brilliant.

Inclusions in princess cut diamond

Inclusions are small imperfections inside the diamond. Inclusions take place during the forming process because of extreme heat and pressure. In princess cut inclusions are less visible to naked eyes. It is easier to get an eye-clean diamond of princess cut. This is because it offers a great amount of brilliance and fire. Which does wonders in hiding white inclusions.

A buying guide for princess cut diamond

There are some very important points to take note of while buying a princess cut diamond.

Length to width ratio is important for any diamond and so for the princess cut. It decides how the diamond will look. The ideal length-width ratio for a square princess cut is 1.00 to 1.04. and for a rectangle, it is 1.08 to 1.14.

The largest facet on the top of a diamond is a table. It plays an important role because it impacts the brilliance and the fire. The ideal percentage for a table is between 60 to 70 per cent.

Depth is the measurement from the top i.e. table to the bottom i.e. culet. The depth of the diamond also affects brilliance and fire. The classic depth percentage lies between 65 to 75.

One should always check whether the diamond is symmetrical or not. As it impacts the overall look of the diamond. The symmetry is perfect when the facets of the diamonds are in alignment with one another.

Besides above said factors one should always analyze 4cs factors. We have already talked about cut and clarity beforehand. Princess cut diamonds are available in many shades of colors such as white, yellow, pink, blue, green, etc. Princess cut diamond appears larger than their size. The same carat weight of a princess cut will look bigger than a round brilliant.

So, all the things been said, you should definitely get one for yourself or for your loved ones. Be it for rings, earrings, tops, pendent anything.

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