Salt and Pepper Diamonds In Australia

Salt & Pepper Diamonds In Australia

Salt and pepper diamonds are 100% natural diamonds. As their name suggests they are unique and distinctive. The particular reason why they are called salt and pepper diamond is that it shows a mix of black and white inclusions. Inclusions are imperfections that are present inside the diamond are created because of extreme heat and pressure. 

Is it cheaper when compared to regular white diamonds?

Diamonds with minimal inclusions are traded at higher costs. As salt and pepper diamonds have more inclusions this does affect their price. They are traded at considerably cheaper prices. But it is an absolute advantage as one can afford a unique diamond at a cheaper rate. As no two diamonds are alike some might be a little dark, others may be light with a few blemishes, some might look greyish as well. 

Are salt and pepper diamonds naturally occurring diamonds?

Salt and pepper diamonds are real diamonds. They are naturally occurring just like any other diamond. They even contribute to eco-friendly mining as fewer resources are being used to mine them. Even compare to regular diamonds they consume less time in the mining process. It takes a lot of extracting from the earth to get a handful of quality diamonds compare to their salt and pepper diamonds are much easily available.

How salt and pepper diamonds are classified?

Salt and pepper diamonds are judged differently as it is difficult to grade them because of too many inclusions. Normal 4cs criteria might be considered a little less but the natural paints created because of inclusions do form a very basis. 

The inclusions tend to make the diamond more fragile and salt and pepper diamonds have many inclusions. Like any other diamond even they are 10 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It is even highly resistant to scratches. But due to inclusions toughness of diamond might be questioned, as a hard blow can be prone to fracture.

Impact of Inclusions

The number of inclusions does impact overall diamond but here their presence makes them more beautiful in appearance. Though Salt and pepper diamond does have an eye-catchy appearance it sparkles less when compared to others, that is because it has many inclusions which stops light from reflecting much. 

Are salt and pepper diamonds desirable by people?

Traditionally, salt and pepper diamonds were not that desirable by people, but people are actually loving them in today’s era. Especially for engagement and wedding rings because it is the symbol of their love. Salt and pepper diamonds symbolize the very foundation of a relationship that no one is perfect but still, together they can be beautiful.

Is it worth Buying?

After all, one might wonder whether it is beneficial to buy it or not. So, to sum up, everything that has been stated so far, I suggest that one should absolutely give it a chance.

After all, every diamond is beautiful and unique in its own way. As everyone knows diamonds are no cheaper, this one is quite an exception as it costs less when compared to regular diamonds. It is a budget-friendly, one-of-a-kind beautiful creation of nature with all its imperfections.

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  1. Hi I’m after a salt and pepper diamond kite or shield shape 2ct +
    2- 3mm thick at most as I want a fairly flat setting!
    Could you please show me what you have with prices please


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