Things to Know About Single Cut Diamonds

single cut diamonds

When diamonds are mined, they are in their raw form. After that diamonds are cut to get the desired shape, color, and clarity. Diamonds value is determined by 4Cs, i.e. cut, clarity, color, clarity. The cut is one of the most important out of these four. Because cut impacts other three factors.

They are many different ways and techniques to cut a diamond. A single cut is one of many types. This is the cut where round diamonds have 8 facets on the crown and 8 facets on the pavilion. And the table on the top is also considered as a facet. In total single cut diamonds have 17 facets. This facet arrangement is also known as the 8/8 arrangement.  Whereas the regular round diamonds have 58 facets.

Single Cut Diamond History

Single cut diamonds were first used in the beginning of the 19th century. And till the mid of 20th-century single cut diamonds were briefly used by jewelers. But after that diamond industry bloomed with new machines and types of equipment. The process of polish diamonds from rough to finish was made easy due to new technologies. Single cut diamonds are also known as Huit Huit diamonds. Huit is a French phenomenon that means eight.

Used for Pave Setting

Single cut diamonds are most often used in pave settings. Pave setting is the type of diamond setting in which small diamonds are set on the surface of the jewelry. diamonds are set so close to each other that metal is less visible. single cut diamonds are mostly used in a solitaire engagement ring. They are set on the band on each side of the main stone in a way that adds additional sparkle but does not lose focus from the main center stone.

Comparison With a Round Full Cut Diamond

Normally, the round full cut diamonds are first to cut into single cut diamonds only they are given basic 17 facets. Afterward, the additional facets are cut to make it a complete full-cut diamond. single cut diamonds sparkle less due to less number of facets. It consumes less labour, time and cost compared to full cut diamonds. The process is also less complicated. Hence, full cut diamonds are expensive than single cut diamonds.

Single Cut Diamond’s Costing

Compared to full cut diamonds there are fewer facets to make on single cut diamonds. Which is less hard work for one to do. And that is why we get single diamonds at quite a reasonable price. It is a very affordable and smart way to make any jewelry look more beautiful, as single cut diamonds adds sparkle. It also gives an overall delicate look. So, one should always consider designing single cut diamonds in their jewelry to make it more beautiful.

Though a lot of new cuts were invented after a single cut. But still in the current time also single cut diamonds are widely used in every type of jewelry. It remains one of the classic cuts in today’s era as well.

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