Small Argyle Pink Diamonds in Australia


What are Argyle pink diamonds?

Argyle mines are in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. The pink diamonds mined from argyle mines are certified and known as argyle pink diamonds. They have limited supply in the market due to the closure of mines in November 2020. The excellent quality and limited supply make argyle pink diamonds so rare that they are not easily accessible.

Are argyle pink diamonds rare?

After fancy red diamonds, pink diamonds are the most sorted and rare fancy colour diamond. The world’s majority of pink diamonds are from the Argyle mine of Australia. The astounding fact about this pink diamond is that out of all the diamonds mined from this Australian mine, less than 1% are pink colour diamonds.

Why are Argyle pink diamonds so incredible?

Their rarity and less availability make them more expensive. In the diamond world, the diamond value increases tremendously with the increase in carat weight. The bigger pink diamonds are costly and mostly end up at private auction houses or museums. However, we are here to talk about small-size argyle pink diamonds. These small diamonds are known as melee diamonds.

What is pink melee?

Melee is pronounced as meh-lee. One can get melee argyle pink diamonds at an affordable price. They are too small, hence they might have fewer facets compared to round brilliant. A pink melle diamond could have at least 18 to 57 facets. These melee diamonds are used beside the larger stones to draw attention and shine. Normally, diamonds that weigh less than 1/5 carat are known as melee. However, this may vary a little as per trading place.

How diamonds are weighted?

The matrix used to measure the diamond weight is carats. Five carats make one gram. This means one carat is one-fifth part of one gram. Also, one carat is then subdivided into 100 cents. The carat weight is also compared with mm size. The carat weight plays a vital role in the pricing of a diamond. For example, there will be a big difference in price for 0.90 carats and 1-carat diamonds. This 0.10 cent changes the entire gameplay.

Correlation between carat weight and MM size.

 0.005-carat diamond will have the size of 1 mm. Whereas, a 1.1 mm diamond will weigh somewhere around 0.0067 carats. Such small diamonds are also measured so perfectly. Likewise, a 0.50-carat diamond will be 5.00 mm. And one-carat diamond will have a size of 6.5 mm. This calculation can make you understand how rare diamonds are.

Argyle certified pink diamonds colour grading

Melees are also graded based on their colour. Argyle pink certified diamonds are graded in four categories for different shades of pink as follows
1. purplish pink classified as PP
2. pink classified as P
3. pink rose classified as PR
4. pink champagne is classified as PC

Number 9 has the least colour intensity. As the number goes down the colour intensity in argyle pink diamond increases. Thereby 1 being the most intense colour. For example, 1P is a highly saturated argyle pink colour grade.

These small argyle pink diamonds do wonders when perfectly designed with larger stones. They enhance the beauty of overall jewellery. We at Affection Diamonds have all major exclusive ranges of small-size pink diamonds and ships all over Australia.

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