Things To Know About Old European Cut Diamonds

Old European Cut

Every old European cut diamond is unique. As when they were cut no machines were available. The workers used to shape it with hands. It used to take a lot of time, effort, and manpower. one can say each has a different story. The artistic value held by old cut diamonds is beautiful. But day by day their availability is getting less. This type of cut is found in antique and vintage jewelry. And that’s why old cut diamonds are timeless beauty.


Old European cut diamonds are those which were cut between the 1800 to 1900s periods. As the name suggests they were developed in Europe. Old cut diamonds were found in the Victorian, art deco period. Old cut diamonds were cut without any machines, by hands only. Old cut diamonds are considered as inspiration for today’s round brilliant cut diamonds.

Difference Between Old European and Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Old cut diamonds are considered as the basis for modern full-cut diamonds. But still, there are many differences that differentiate both. Old cut diamonds have a comparatively large culet and a small table. The culet is the bottom of the diamond and the table is a facet on top. Other than that old cut diamonds have larger facets. While cutting carat weight is given more importance. So, they sparkle less compare to modern brilliant-cut diamonds. Even though both of them have the same number of facets. In total both of them have 58 facets.

Are Old European Cut Diamonds Expensive?

Earlier we have already established that old cut is not that easy and it is rare as well. Old cut diamonds are not easily found and that is why you might get them at quite a good price. But there is no parameter as price completely depends on how the good cut is and what antique value is holding. Carat weight is given prime importance in an old cut. Diamond’s value is based on 4CS. i.e. color, clarity, cut, carat. Hence, diamond’s value may rise because of weight.

Do Old Cut Diamond Sparkle?

Old cut diamonds have a small table. Because of which when light enters in diamond, it is absorbed by it. As it does not push the light back it does not sparkle like a modern cut diamond. But it gives a warm, subtle, glow. This difference is what makes an old cut diamond beautiful in a way.

Things to Keep in Mind

As old cut diamonds are not machine cut, chances are high that they might not be symmetrical. That is why you should consider some basic parameters such as length-width ratio, table ratio, depth ratio, etc. and you should also check whether it is chipped from somewhere as they are quite old.

Keeping everything aside If you love things with artistic value and old heritage then it is a must for you to have at least one jewelry piece designed with old European cut diamonds.

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