Trapeze Shape Diamonds Pair: Things to know


Diamonds with their undeniable brilliance and elegance, have captured hearts for centuries. Among many different shapes, there’s a unique cut that might not be in every jewellery box but is undoubtedly a spectacle when it graces a piece – the trapeze diamond. Especially intriguing is when they come in pairs, enhancing the beauty of a centre stone with an undeniable charm.

At Affection Diamonds, we pride ourselves on curating such unique treasures. We are thrilled to announce that we now house an exquisite collection of trapeze diamond pairs, waiting for the discerning eye to recognize and appreciate their singular beauty.


Characterized by its trapezoid shape, a four-sided figure with two non-parallel sides, the trapeze diamond offers a fresh perspective to diamond aesthetics. While they’re often in the supporting role as side stones, their presence is powerful, especially when they come as a symmetrical duo to highlight a central diamond.

The Beauty of the Pair

Two trapeze diamonds together create an equilibrium, which is both visually pleasing and symbolically harmonious. When coupled with a centre stone like a round or cushion-cut diamond, the trapeze pair introduces a modern touch to the classic design. On the other hand, when accompanying geometric cuts like the emerald, they further emphasize the structured beauty.

Why Opt for Trapeze Diamonds?

  1. Standout Design: Moving away from the classic round or princess-cut side stones, trapezoids promise a design that remains etched in memories for its distinctiveness.
  2. Adaptable Nature: The trapeze cut’s true beauty lies in its adaptability. Whether complementing an oval or a radiant centre, its flexibility gives designers a broad canvas.
  3. Radiant Reflection: Their structured cut allows for an enhanced play of light, increasing the shine and brilliance of the centrepiece.
  4. Efficient Crafting: The trapezoid form can be achieved with lesser wastage from the original diamond, ensuring optimal utilization of rough diamond.

Choosing the Ideal Trapeze Diamond Duo

When it comes to selecting your trapeze pair, the foundational 4Cs (Carat, Clarity, Colour, and Cut) remain important. However, some other things are also there:

  1. Symmetry Matters: Both diamonds in the pair must echo each other in size, shape, and proportion to achieve that harmonious appearance when framing the central gem.
  2. Synchronization with the Centrepiece: Their attributes shouldn’t only be in sync with each other but also with the central diamond. This ensures a seamless and integrated look.
  3. Perfect Setting: How the diamonds are set can either enhance or detract from their beauty. Popular options like bezel or prong settings should be chosen for both aesthetic appeal and security.


Trapeze diamond pairs, though less prevalent than other diamond cuts, offer an exquisite blend of age-old elegance and contemporary flair. They remind us of the infinite possibilities that lie in the realm of diamond jewellery, pushing boundaries while maintaining the essence of luxury. For anyone in search of a piece that marries tradition with innovation, the trapeze diamonds duo at Affection Diamonds is a dazzling choice waiting to be discovered.

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