Trending Salt and Pepper Diamond Jewellery in Australia


Diamonds with numerous black and white inclusions are Certainly known as salt and pepper diamond. Salt and pepper diamonds have a distinct and unique appearance, that makes them different from all the other diamonds. In Australia, Salt and pepper diamond jewellery are in super trend. Especially the salt and pepper diamond engagement ring in youth.

In today’s dynamic world, people’s choice keeps on changing. There was a time when salt and pepper diamonds were considered inauspicious. Whereas nowadays they stand among the popular choices. And are even chosen for engagement and wedding rings. The perception of salt and pepper diamond has entirely changed. The new generation adores its unique and beautiful appearance.

What makes salt & pepper diamonds popular in Australia?

Fewer resources are needed to mine salt and pepper diamond. For the environment-friendly people, this is a good option. One of the benefits of salt and pepper diamond is they are affordable. Everyone likes jewellery. Who doesn’t? But everyone has their budget to settle. If you compare salt and pepper diamond with other flawless diamonds of the same weight, you will be able to notice a huge price difference.

In salt and pepper diamonds, numerous varieties are available. There are different types of shapes such as pear, oval, emerald, cushion, princess, heart, trilliant, etc. You can design your jewellery accordingly. There are fancy colours such as yellow, green, brown, pink, orange, blue, etc. Select the type of precious metal. Whether it is going to be silver, gold or platinum. Then narrow down your search accordingly. Afterward decide the shape, colour and carat weight.

Things to keep in mind

However, while selecting a salt and pepper diamond for jewellery keep some basic things in mind. Though inclusions are a big part of their beauty, they are imperfections. So, select a diamond with lesser inclusions. Make sure that a diamond isn’t looking dull or cloudy. Inclusions can make diamonds prone to chipping. The best solution for that is the prong setting of the diamond. It will secure a diamond perfectly and decline the chances of chipping.

Engagement rings in solitaire salt and pepper diamonds are in trend. Many celebrities are seen wearing a statement solitaire salt and pepper diamond engagement ring. You can even select a salt and pepper diamond as a centre stone. And then design it with other small diamonds. The rough diamond without any shape is also used in engagement rings and other jewellery. Likewise, solitaire pendants and tops are highlights.


Salt and pepper diamonds have flaws. But still, each one of them is unique and beautiful. Just like every person is unique and beautiful in their own way. Salt and pepper diamond symbolizes a very basic human nature. This is one of the most fundamental reasons for the liking of salt and pepper diamond in today’s generation. They have started to accept and love their self with every flaw. You can never go wrong with any salt and pepper jewellery. You can design it in thousand different ways. And will never see the same design again.

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