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Trilliant cut diamond is a triangular cut diamond with three equal sides. Generally, the number of facets lies between 31 to 50. The more the number of facets, the more it sparkles and the finer it looks. The Corners of trilliant cut diamonds can be bevelled or uncut. However, the bevelled corners protect the diamond from chipping. Trilliant cut diamond is also known as a trillion diamond.

How was the trilliant cut diamond invented?

Back in the 18th century, the trilliant cut diamond was created for the first time by the Asscher brothers in the Netherlands. However, they weren’t trademarked until the 1970s. It was patented by Mr Marvin Finker by the name trillion. After that in 1986 judge ruled out that both trillion and trilliant can be used interchangeably as trilliant is a derived combination of triangular brilliant.

Is a trilliant cut diamond high priced?

Trilliant cut diamonds are pocket friendly. When compared to round brilliants, trilliant cut diamonds are rather priced moderately. Even though they are pocket friendly they are rare. You will not see many engagement rings in the market whose centre stone is trilliant. This rarity is what makes it beautiful and desirable.

Depth in trilliant cut diamond

Trilliant cut diamond can be cut in a way that can create an illusion of a bigger size ten an actual size. Yet, one needs to make sure that the trilliant isn’t too shallow as it can cost the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. The ideal depth in trilliant cut diamonds lies between 34 to 46 per cent.

Length width ratio in trilliant cut diamond

The length-width ratio is calculated by dividing the total length of the diamond by its width. the ideal length to width ratio for a trilliant diamond is 1:1. Trilliant cut diamond needs to have an equal three sides for its overall look because unequal sides can make it look unattractive. Trilliant cut diamond shape is easy to read with the eyes. So, asymmetrical sides can be observed with naked eyes.

Trilliant cut diamonds in jewellery

Trilliant cut diamonds are most popular for solitaire settings and as accent stones. Comparatively smaller diamonds designed beside the centre stone or bigger stone are known as accent stones. They are used in all types of jewellery in different sizes and colours. Trilliant cut diamonds are available in many fancy colours such as yellow, brown, orange, black, green, blue etc.

Do trilliant cut diamonds sparkle well?

Trilliant cut diamonds have amazing brilliance and fire. However how much or less a trilliant will sparkle will depend upon how well cut a diamond is if all the ratios are the same or near the ideal ratios as explained above then a trilliant will sparkle well. The girdle should not be very thick. As girdles thickness impacts the light that enters the diamond.

They say rare is beautiful. Diamonds are rare and trilliants are rarer. So, if you are getting something that is not heavy to your pocket and is special, consider it a win-win situation.

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