What Are Old Cut Diamonds?

Old Cut diamonds

Diamonds are made of the same material whether they are old cut, single cut or rose cut, or Round brilliant cut. It is only different cuts as per its name “Old Cut” it was cut by hand and much different than RBC. Old cut diamonds are more rustic and organic look just because it is all hand made. Old cut facets are more rounded, and each facet has slight imperfection just because it was cut by a human hand and depending on the skill of each diamond cutter, that is why it is never the same each diamond has its unique shape and character. It is easy to get confused between old mine cut & Old European cut but, to clarify here they are different than each other. Old mine cut is older, and they are not very round as it was cut by hand and Old European cut came after Old mind cut, and finally, currently we have preciously cut Round Brilliant Cut which is more modern & popular in the current era.

Old cuts have a smaller table, shorter facets, thicker girdles, and no pointed Culets but it has a beautiful look totally different than round brilliant cut diamonds. Old cut diamonds were founded in 1800-1900 old Victorian time. Most of the antique jewellery is made of old cut, single cut, or rose cut. Most of the time many people cannot differentiate the old cut with round brilliant cut diamonds. Some of the obvious differences are listed below.

Old Cut VS Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

The shape is slightly off Round, Oval, Square, Cushion.The shape is very much Round
Cut by hand and Shines well in candlelightMachine cut and excellent Brilliance and perfect shine in the sunlight.
Small Table and open CuletLarge Table & invisible Culet
Traditionally Old cuts are taller /deeper StoneRBC is flatter and Shallower than old cut
Girdles are bruted & thickerRBC has a faceted finish girdle
Old Cut has a smaller table and higher crownRBC Bigger table & Flatter crown
Number of Facets: 58Number of Facets: 57-58
Inner fire, Sparkles better under CandlelightBrighter and sparkles under any light
4c’s were not found in the old-time so there was no such thing as ideal cut and therefore no certificates were available in old cutGIA, HRD, IGI are just a few popular names of valuation and certificates available for modern RBC cut.

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