What Are Rose Cut Diamonds?

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Rose cut Diamonds are mainly considered Antique cut diamonds. Diamond cutting also has an evolution journey, in the old-time when diamond cutting had no choice but only can be cut by hand and diamond being such hard to cut it was not precisely round, but it could be off shape which added more character to the rose-cut diamonds. A rose cut diamond is not reflecting light because of only a few facets but it has more luster.

Most of the Antique jewellery was made of Rose Cut or Single cut Diamonds. In the late 19th century-old cut diamonds were invented, and now in modern days, we have Brilliant cut diamonds. Normal brilliant cut has around 57 to 58 facets, but Rose cut is between 3 to 24 facets only and that’s why Rose cut are more transparent diamonds.
It comes in all kinds of shapes, like Round, Cushion, Oval, Pear, Kite, Hexagons, Square shape and, they come in different colours too. Rose-cut comes in a variety of colours like Champagne, Off White, Salt & Pepper, Black & Yellow, and Grey. Black Rose Cuts & Salt & Pepper rose cuts are extremely popular as it is facets can be seen beautifully, and solid colours do not let the light flow through like in white diamonds.
Rose-cut diamonds give you value for your money; it looks larger than normal round brilliant cut. For example, a normal 1 carat Round Brilliant Cut (RBC) is around 6.5 mm, but 1 carat of Rose Cut Round diamonds will have approximately 7.5 mm in diameters. So basically, the weight in the culet is shifted on the table and your diamond looks bigger.

When it comes to the restoration of an old piece of jewellery with rose-cut or single cut diamonds, make sure that you replace missing pieces in the same colour & size as the diamonds. Having old jewellery, it was never about brightness so most of the time old piece of jewellery has a tinge of colour in them.

When you decide to select a Rose-cut diamond for your piece of jewellery, keep in mind that the imperfection of the rose cut gives it an antique appeal, and because it is not perfectly round it is unique, and it has its own character.

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