What Is The Diamond Fluorescence?

Diamond Fluorescence

The glow emitted from the UV light indicates the diamond fluorescence. Diamond fluorescence is another crucial aspect while grading 4C’s clarity, cut, color, and carat of a diamond. The fluorescence category of a diamond is mentioned on the diamond certificate. To get a better understanding of a diamond, fluorescence is studied. When exposed to UV light blue light is shown on the diamond. Not only blue, other colors like white, yellow or any other are also seen on a diamond in rare cases.

Categories Of Fluorescence

The glow of the light classifies the categories of fluorescence. The categories are classified as none fluorescence, faint fluorescence, medium fluorescence, strong fluorescence and very strong fluorescence. The fluorescence categories are discussed below briefly.

None Fluorescence 

The diamonds that radiate no color after placing under UV light, fall under the category of none fluorescence. This indicates that no elements of fluorescence are present in these diamonds. Due to no fluorescence, these diamonds tend to have high demand and are more expensive than other diamonds after considering the 4C’s. 

Faint Fluorescence 

The diamonds fall in this category when a tint of blue light is visible on a diamond when exposed to UV light. This directly speaks to the existence of fluorescence elements in the diamonds. Due to minimal fluorescence, there isn’t a much of cost difference.

Medium Fluorescence 

These diamonds exhibit blue light that is not completely prominent but can be easily noticed under UV light. Due to this, the higher quality diamonds are affected in terms of their prices. Whereas this effect can also increase the cost of the J-K-L color grade diamonds. 

Strong Fluorescence 

When the diamonds are kept under UV light, a strong blue color is observed. This is because of the large amount of fluorescence present in the diamond. Therefore diamonds having strong blue color fluorescence fall in this category. 

But this fluorescence is beneficial for colored diamonds as it helps them gain more color due to the elements present in them. Simultaneously it can have adverse effects on the cost of the diamond of higher grades. Also due to this fluorescence, the diamonds may gain a grayish tint or hazy glimpse. 

Very Strong Fluorescence 

The diamonds that exhibit a very strong and bright blue color when kept under UV light, fall under this category. This group has a vast effect on the diamonds of a higher grade. This is because a huge number of elements are present affecting the clarity and color of the diamond. 

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Occasional Effects Of Fluorescence

This fluorescence effect does not develop on every diamond that is mined. For decades only occasional diamonds exhibit blue color when exposed to UV light.

The percentage of diamonds showcasing fluorescence is around 25% -35%. Moreover, from the above-mentioned percentage, only 10% of diamonds develop very strong fluorescence. Also, from all the 100% diamonds exhibiting blue fluorescence, there are only 5 % of diamonds that show other colors like white or yellow.

Roots of the Fluorescence

Few elements merge with the carbon element while the formation of a diamond. These elements result in the glow of a diamond when exposed to UV light. And this effect is called the fluorescence effect on a diamond. This fluorescence usually exhibits blue light and the elements that generally radiate fluorescence are aluminum, nitrogen and boron.

Effect On the Sparkle of the Diamond By Fluorescence

The fluorescence does not affect the clarity of the diamond. But the fluorescence is studied into a diamond while grading to have a clear idea about the diamond. According to the graph, only minimal diamonds possess fluorescence elements and radiate blue light. Due to fluorescence few diamonds gain color. While few diamonds lose their clarity. Therefore fluorescence test is crucial for diamond grading as it shows its effect on sparkle. 

Diamonds Value in Presence of The Fluorescence

The fluorescence has a diverse effect on the pricing of the diamond depending on the clarity and color grade of the diamond. To illustrate, the higher clarity and color grade diamond emitting very strong fluorescence will descend the value of the diamond from its original cost.  The value of the diamond will fall to almost 5-20 % of the original price. Whereas in the lower grade fluorescence proves to be beneficial and it does not affect

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