Why Pink Diamonds Are Rare And Is it Worth to Invest In Pink Diamonds?

The closer of Argyle Mine has made Pink Diamonds an overnight rare commodity.  90% of all pink diamonds in circulation today came from the Argyle mines, Analysts predict a substantial shortage of pink diamonds immediately after its closure.

According to Argyle Mine, the reason for the closure is “The mines are so deep now that further excavation is unviable. The drilling costs are growing, and profits deriving from the diamonds produced are not enough to cover operation costs.”

It is a fundamental economic principle that When demand exceeds supply, prices tend to rise the law of supply and demand is an economic theory and the Reasons for Pink Diamond being expensive. So now if the product has extinct and if it is rare then you do the math. It’s still an affordable commodity since it’s not too late to buy Pink diamonds while they are still available in the market, even wholesalers have limited stocks and once this is over, even they can’t produce it from original sources. So, this is all about making the right decision at right time. If you must invest in a product that is going to go high in price in the coming years, Pink Diamonds are the way to go.

So the question is do you want to buy just any diamonds or do you want to buy something which will value so much in the future that it will be your next generation to talk about a piece of memory which is a rare gem. Investment not just in any Diamonds but Pink Diamonds which will be a museum product in the coming 100 years.

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