Things to Know about Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamond

Diamonds are a composition of carbon. The formation of diamonds takes a thousand years. Sometimes other elements also become a part of this diamond forming process. Hence, we have a variety of diamonds available. The availability of nitrogen is the reason for the yellow color in a diamond. The strength of yellow shade depends upon the presence of nitrogen available in the diamond. When the molecules of nitrogen absorb blue light, it reflects a yellow shade to the diamond.

The Rarity of Yellow Color Diamond

Yellow Color diamonds are very rare. Roughly you get only one carat yellow diamond out of 10000 carats of diamonds mined. Whereas when we consider the color diamonds ratio, it is different. Out of all the color diamonds mined, 60% of them are yellow ones.

Shades of Yellow Color Diamonds

As per the GIA grading scale, yellow color diamonds are categorized into six. Which are stated as Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep, Fancy Intense, and Fancy Vivid. As the name suggests Fancy light shows the minimum yellow. And fancy vivid has a most intense yellow color. Fancy vivid are most desirable and expensive yellow diamonds. Sometimes they even have a tiny bit of orange or brown color which enhances the natural yellow color of the diamond.

Popular Shapes in a Yellow Color Diamond

The most popular shape in the diamond industry is the round one. But in the fancy color market, a different cut can give a more desirable look as it can enhance the color. The same is the case with yellow diamonds as well. They are available in all fancy shapes such as princess, radiant, marquise, oval, pear, cushion, heart. But the shapes like a cushion, radiant give it the most desirable and vibrant look.

Canary Diamond

Natural fancy yellow color diamonds whose GIA certificate states color between fancy intense to fancy vivid are also known as canary diamond. Though canary diamond is not an official term for yellow diamonds, it is widely used in the jewelry world.

Difference between Fancy Yellow Color Diamond and Yellowish Diamond

People often tend to get confused between normal colorless diamonds which has a yellowish tint and fancy color yellow diamond. Hence, let’s first understand what is the difference between both. Colorless diamond is graded on a scale of D to Z. Z has the highest amount of yellow shade present in a colorless diamond. And highest price slab holds a D color. But the stage from where the yellow color becomes dominant in the diamond, it falls into the fancy color category.

Is it Expensive?

The brightness of yellow color attracts people As we have already established earlier that yellow diamonds are very rare, and there are not plenty of them available in the market. And that’s why they are expensive. The more deep and saturated yellow color diamonds are traded at a quite expensive rate.

When this lively yellow color diamond is designed with the precious metal it gives life to the jewelry as well to the wearer. Definitely, the vibrant and intense yellow color diamond is worth a shot to give a try.

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