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GIA Certified & Calibrated Small Diamonds

We have wide range of GIA, IGI, HRD & GSL certified white round brilliant & fancy shape diamonds. Strict quality checking at Affection Diamonds ensures only best graded diamonds. We also deals in small size calibrated diamonds, that are ready to go with any jewellery.

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fancy cut diamonds
white fancy shape diamonds
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Natural Fancy Colour Diamonds

Our natural fancy colour diamond’s inventory includes one-of-a-kind Argyle pink diamonds. Our team of experts only select evenly saturated & high quality diamonds. Explore champagne, cognac, chocolate, yellow, grey & orange colour diamonds.

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Natural Diamonds Colour Treated

At Affection Diamonds we have various colour treated natural diamonds to choose from.  Be it blue, pink, yellow, green or black. It’s the magic of science that add beauty to natural diamonds. The process of color treatment leads to various dark & light tones into the natural diamonds.

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Antique Cut And Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Explore the old mine cut, antique cut, single cut, rose cut diamond collection that makes your jewellery piece one of a kind. We do have variety of Salt & Pepper Diamonds in different shapes.

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Perfect Pairs & Custom Made Jewellery

Our highly trained team look after the best matching diamond pairs for our customers. Get both white and fancy colour diamond in all major shapes. We also have various sizes in stud & tennis bracelet & do custom made jewellery.

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