The Influence of Diamond Cut on Brilliance and Fire

Influence of Diamond Cut on Brilliance and Fire

When it comes to diamonds, the cut is often considered the most crucial factor in determining a diamond’s beauty. The cut doesn’t refer to the diamond’s shape (like round, princess, or emerald), but rather to how well the diamond’s facets interact with light. Brilliance and Fire Brilliance and fire are two essential aspects of a … Read more

How to read the GIA certificate

GIA diamond certificate

What is GIA? GIA stands for gemological institute of America. The GIA is based in Carlsbad, California, since 1931. It is a non-profit organisation that educates people on gems and jewellery. GIA is one of the most trusted and largest geology education and research institute. GIA provides laboratory services for gem evaluation worldwide. What is … Read more

Asscher Cut vs Princess Cut Diamond – Comparison


Asscher cut and princess cut diamonds might look the same at first glance because of their shape resembles. However, there are many features, which make them different from each other. Let’s see this in detail. Asscher cut diamond Asscher cut diamond is a square fancy shape diamond with bevelled edges. Asscher cut diamond has 58 … Read more

Champagne Diamonds : Things to know

What is the champagne diamond? The fancy brown colour diamond has a lot of different shades. One such type of brown colour is a champagne diamond. Champagne diamonds are unique and beautiful. They have a bold and eye-catchy appearance. The term champagne diamond was coin as it resembles the colour of champagne. Champagne diamonds come … Read more

5 Tips for buying Salt and Pepper Diamond in Australia

Salt and pepper diamonds have numerous black and white inclusions. Inclusions are the imperfections inside the diamond, that occur naturally during the forming process. No two diamonds are alike because inclusions can never be the same. The uniqueness of every diamond is the gift of nature. Salt and pepper diamonds are unique and beautiful because … Read more

Emerald Cut Diamond – Things to know

Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald cut diamond is basically a rectangle diamond with rounded corners. It has 57 facets, but unlike round cut diamonds, the facets are liner. And that is why you will see a glimmer of lights in emerald. Historical flashback The history of emerald-cut diamonds goes way back to the 1500s. This cut was discovered by … Read more

What Is The Diamond Fluorescence?

Diamond Fluorescence

The glow emitted from the UV light indicates the diamond fluorescence. Diamond fluorescence is another crucial aspect while grading 4C’s clarity, cut, color, and carat of a diamond. The fluorescence category of a diamond is mentioned on the diamond certificate. To get a better understanding of a diamond, fluorescence is studied. When exposed to UV … Read more

Understanding Diamond Clarity – 4cs Of Diamonds

diamond clarity

The imperfections examined internally and externally of the diamond are the diamond clarity. Within the earth due to tremendous heat and pressure, carbon particles lead to the formation of diamonds. This process results in particles called inclusions internally within the diamond. Also, while processing and polishing the external defect called blemishes to affect the quality … Read more

Understanding Diamond Colour – 4cs Of Diamonds

Diamond Colour - Sydney Australia

Diamond colour refers to the hue present within the diamond. The colour inside the diamond ranges from white that is colourless to yellow. Moreover, the colourless diamonds result in the highest value. Whereas, the value starts descending as the colour mounts towards the yellow tint. While you understand the diamond it directly links you to … Read more

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