Briolette Shape Diamonds : Things to know

Briolette Shape Diamond

In the realm of fine jewelry, the briolette cut stands out as a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance. This unique diamond shape, with its all-encompassing facets, offers unparalleled brilliance and a soft, delicate appearance that appeals to those seeking something truly special. Here, we explore the allure of briolette diamonds and how to … Read more

Cadillac Shape Diamond Pairs – Things to Know

Cadillac Shape Diamonds

Introduction For centuries, diamonds have captivated our hearts with their dazzling brilliance, timeless allure, and unspoken symbolism of love and luxury. Among the myriad of diamond shapes and cuts, the Cadillac shape diamond pairs stand out as a captivating choice, offering a unique and alluring charm that sets them apart. Origin and Characteristics The Cadillac … Read more

Salt and Pepper Diamond – Engagement Ring

Salt and pepper diamonds have many black and white inclusions. Every diamond has more or fewer inclusions. However, there is an ample number of them in a salt and pepper diamond. Which is quite noticeable to the naked eyes. Inclusions are the imperfections created inside the diamond during the forming process. These inclusions created the … Read more

Things To Know About Old European Cut Diamonds

Old European Cut

Every old European cut diamond is unique. As when they were cut no machines were available. The workers used to shape it with hands. It used to take a lot of time, effort, and manpower. one can say each has a different story. The artistic value held by old cut diamonds is beautiful. But day … Read more

Antique, Vintage and Old Diamond Cuts Guide

antique cut diamond

The diamonds that were mined between the 1300s to 1930s are termed antique diamonds. Also, antique shape diamonds also include fancy shapes which are not popular shapes like the baguette or carre shape. But depending on the jeweler’s cut and time span, there are still few varieties present in the market. The few characteristics of … Read more

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