Cognac diamonds – Things to know

Cognac Diamonds in Australia

What are cognac diamonds? Cognac diamonds are a type of fancy colour brown diamond. During the diamond forming process interference of elements, such as nitrogen and hydrogen are responsible for the brown colour of the diamond. The cognac diamond is a dark brown colour diamond with an orange undertone. In the late 1980s, the term … Read more

Champagne Diamonds : Things to know

What is the champagne diamond? The fancy brown colour diamond has a lot of different shades. One such type of brown colour is a champagne diamond. Champagne diamonds are unique and beautiful. They have a bold and eye-catchy appearance. The term champagne diamond was coin as it resembles the colour of champagne. Champagne diamonds come … Read more

Brown Diamonds : Things To Know

brown diamonds Australia

Diamond is basically comprised of carbon. Sometimes in the long forming process some other elements also get involved, which can influence the visual appearance of the diamond. In diamonds, nitrogen can be responsible for brown color. A brown color diamond also gets a piece of its exceptional color from the light that was ingested at … Read more

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