Argyle pink diamonds as an investment, good or bad?

The fancy pink colour diamonds found in the Argyle mines of Australia are known as argyle pink diamonds. Argyle mines are in the east Kimberley region of Western Australia. However, this mine has been closed since November 2020. The fancy colour diamonds are extraordinary. Pink colour diamonds are not that easily found and are very … Read more

Small Argyle Pink Diamonds in Australia


What are Argyle pink diamonds? Argyle mines are in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. The pink diamonds mined from argyle mines are certified and known as argyle pink diamonds. They have limited supply in the market due to the closure of mines in November 2020. The excellent quality and limited supply make argyle … Read more

What makes Argyle pink diamonds from Australia so special?

Diamond takes years to form beneath the surface of the earth. Diamonds are formed of carbon. One such mine that produces the world’s 90% of pink diamonds is the Argyle mine of Australia. This argyle mine has been situated in the East Kimberly region of Western Australia. According to the data, out of all the … Read more

Brown Diamonds : Things To Know

brown diamonds Australia

Diamond is basically comprised of carbon. Sometimes in the long forming process some other elements also get involved, which can influence the visual appearance of the diamond. In diamonds, nitrogen can be responsible for brown color. A brown color diamond also gets a piece of its exceptional color from the light that was ingested at … Read more

Things to Know about Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamond

Diamonds are a composition of carbon. The formation of diamonds takes a thousand years. Sometimes other elements also become a part of this diamond forming process. Hence, we have a variety of diamonds available. The availability of nitrogen is the reason for the yellow color in a diamond. The strength of yellow shade depends upon … Read more

Things To Know About Black Diamonds

Black diamond in australia

Black Diamonds are also known as carbonado. They somewhat resemble porous charcoal, so a Portuguese named it carbonado. They come under the fancy color diamond category. It is a micro-porous form of polycrystalline. The quite high number of inclusions makes it look black giving it different properties thus making it differently beautiful. Why the Color … Read more

Top Quality Tennis Bracelet In Australia

Tennis Bracelet Image

A bracelet where a uniform pattern of diamonds is aligned together by a thin metal chain is known as a tennis bracelet. While making these types of bracelets the diamonds which are used are of the generally same cut, size. Tennis bracelets are even known as Eternity Bracelet. Why is it called Tennis Bracelet? The … Read more

Understanding Diamond Colour – 4cs Of Diamonds

Diamond Colour - Sydney Australia

Diamond colour refers to the hue present within the diamond. The colour inside the diamond ranges from white that is colourless to yellow. Moreover, the colourless diamonds result in the highest value. Whereas, the value starts descending as the colour mounts towards the yellow tint. While you understand the diamond it directly links you to … Read more

Checklist To Buy Diamonds In Australia

diamond buying checklist

Diamonds are measured on many factors and after checking most of the below factor’s diamonds can be priced. Sometimes we come across buyers who buy from overseas who has no clue why the diamond is cheap but, just on price point they buy a diamond over the website or buy from overseas market, where after … Read more

Natural Yellow Diamonds – Facts & Importance

Yellow diamonds

Among all the other coloured diamond, yellow diamonds are the most commonly found loose diamonds on earth. From the presence of nitrogen molecules during the forming process through which the diamond gets this yellow colour.  Yellow diamonds comes in Mainly 4 major Categories such as Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Intense Yellow and Fancy … Read more

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