Trilliant Cut Diamond – Things to know

trilliant cut diamond australia

Trilliant cut diamond is a triangular cut diamond with three equal sides. Generally, the number of facets lies between 31 to 50. The more the number of facets, the more it sparkles and the finer it looks. The Corners of trilliant cut diamonds can be bevelled or uncut. However, the bevelled corners protect the diamond … Read more

Radiant Cut Diamond – Things to know

Radiant Cut Diamond - Australia

There are various fancy shapes of diamonds available on the market. However, radiant is one of the most loved options. Radiant cut diamonds come in a variety of length-width ratios, from square to rectangle. However, they are usually preferred in a rectangular shape. Radiant cut diamond has 70 facets, unlike round brilliant which has 57 … Read more

Heart Shape Diamond – Things to know

heart shape diamond in Australia

Heart shape diamond falls under the fancy shape diamond category. It is a modified version of the classic round brilliant. This is just a refashioned form of round brilliant. Normally it has 56 to 58 facets. Mostly 6 to 8 facets are on the pavilion. What do diamonds in heart shape symbolize? Diamonds have always … Read more

Emerald Cut Diamond – Things to know

Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald cut diamond is basically a rectangle diamond with rounded corners. It has 57 facets, but unlike round cut diamonds, the facets are liner. And that is why you will see a glimmer of lights in emerald. Historical flashback The history of emerald-cut diamonds goes way back to the 1500s. This cut was discovered by … Read more

Things to Know about Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamond

Diamonds are a composition of carbon. The formation of diamonds takes a thousand years. Sometimes other elements also become a part of this diamond forming process. Hence, we have a variety of diamonds available. The availability of nitrogen is the reason for the yellow color in a diamond. The strength of yellow shade depends upon … Read more

Top Quality Tennis Bracelet In Australia

Tennis Bracelet Image

A bracelet where a uniform pattern of diamonds is aligned together by a thin metal chain is known as a tennis bracelet. While making these types of bracelets the diamonds which are used are of the generally same cut, size. Tennis bracelets are even known as Eternity Bracelet. Why is it called Tennis Bracelet? The … Read more

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