Trending Salt and Pepper Diamond Jewellery in Australia


Diamonds with numerous black and white inclusions are Certainly known as salt and pepper diamond. Salt and pepper diamonds have a distinct and unique appearance, that makes them different from all the other diamonds. In Australia, Salt and pepper diamond jewellery are in super trend. Especially the salt and pepper diamond engagement ring in youth. … Read more

5 Tips for buying Salt and Pepper Diamond in Australia

Salt and pepper diamonds have numerous black and white inclusions. Inclusions are the imperfections inside the diamond, that occur naturally during the forming process. No two diamonds are alike because inclusions can never be the same. The uniqueness of every diamond is the gift of nature. Salt and pepper diamonds are unique and beautiful because … Read more

Salt and Pepper Diamond – Engagement Ring

Salt and pepper diamonds have many black and white inclusions. Every diamond has more or fewer inclusions. However, there is an ample number of them in a salt and pepper diamond. Which is quite noticeable to the naked eyes. Inclusions are the imperfections created inside the diamond during the forming process. These inclusions created the … Read more

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