Comparison: Fancy Light Yellow to Vivid Yellow Diamonds

Things to know about yellow diamonds Diamonds take thousands of years to form beneath the earth. In this lengthy process, sometimes other elements also become part of the process. Some of these elements are the reason why we have colour diamonds. Nitrogen is responsible for the natural yellow diamond. However, the influence of the yellow … Read more

Things to Know about Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamond

Diamonds are a composition of carbon. The formation of diamonds takes a thousand years. Sometimes other elements also become a part of this diamond forming process. Hence, we have a variety of diamonds available. The availability of nitrogen is the reason for the yellow color in a diamond. The strength of yellow shade depends upon … Read more

Natural Yellow Diamonds – Facts & Importance

Yellow diamonds

Among all the other coloured diamond, yellow diamonds are the most commonly found loose diamonds on earth. From the presence of nitrogen molecules during the forming process through which the diamond gets this yellow colour.  Yellow diamonds comes in Mainly 4 major Categories such as Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Intense Yellow and Fancy … Read more

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